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Big idea: Colorado could extend to-go cocktails beyond coronavirus to make them the “law of the land”

A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to let restaurants sell to-go cocktails, beer and wine forever. Liquor stores want the brakes pumped.

Politics and Government

Colorado lawmakers want to keep your to-go quarantinis flowing beyond the coronavirus crisis

But not everyone is toasting the bipartisan proposal, which would extend the policy allowing restaurants and bars to sell take-out beer, wine and mixed drinks for two more years


Colorado governor orders closure of restaurants, bars for at least 30 days to stem coronavirus spread

The order comes after Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and several mountain communities made the same decision just hours earlier to stem the spread of coronavirus


Which was worse: A Colorado man’s bachelor party hangover or the hangover from his ER bill?

Cameron Fischer’s case is a sobering illustration of America’s health care system


In Denver, a binge drinking capital, the sober curious movement is gaining popularity

Social groups with names like “Sober Not Boring” and “Sober AF” are seeking like-minded members tired of the drunk scene


Colorado researchers are getting mice drunk to study alcoholism and genetics in humans

There is no single “alcoholism gene,” but scientists hope more study will lead to better medications and treatment plans to curb alcohol abuse


Presidents’ affinities for foods reveal their humanity, but alcohol has proven a dicier deal throughout history

In "The President's Kitchen Cabinet," renowned food writer Adrian Miller explores the African Americans who fed First Families, but also how different administrations handled the fraught topic of temperance

Book Excerpts

What the new law on beer sales means for Colorado craft brewers

The state’s craft brewers are facing major decisions about their future and facing increased competition from out-of-state beer makers


The end of 3.2 beer in Colorado: What to know about the law taking effect Jan. 1, 2019

The largest grocers in Colorado plan to stock full-strength beer for the first time on New Year's Day, a change made possible by a sweeping overhaul of the state's Prohibition-era laws.

Politics and Government

Nicolais: Former Broncos QB Chad Kelly isn’t an idiot, but he might be an addict

Opinion Columns

One in three Colorado suicide deaths followed binge drinking, study finds

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment study was the first to examine link between suicide and alcohol