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SunLit Interview: How two friends turned a fundraiser into their first mystery novel

Judilee Butler and Jean "GaGa" Gabardi had never tried fiction until they collaborated on short stories for charity. That experience led the to "The Last Hurrah."


What it’s like to hunt for a job in Colorado when you’re over 50

Older workers dropped out of the state’s labor force during the pandemic. Some say age discrimination keeps them from getting a new job.


In Colorado, one of the fastest aging states, one county had no home health or hospice provider for eight months

Surveys show most Americans would prefer to age and die at home, but home-based care can be hard to find in some remote regions.


SunLit Interview: How and why co-authors came together to address caregiving

Loretta Gilbert and Nancy Walker combined their individual backgrounds with one common denominator -- Nancy's mother -- to write "Caregiving Done Differently"


SunLit Excerpt: A resource for navigating difficult family conversations about aging

In this excerpt from "Caregiving Done Differently," the authors explain strategies for approaching seniors about possible changes to facilitate their care


Jared Polis is taking big money from private donors to fund key positions in Colorado governor’s office

The work covered by private gifts and grants include the Colorado governor’s top issues -- climate change, immigration and early childhood

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More than 40% of Coloradans don’t have a retirement plan at work. The state seeks to change that.

The state-facilitated plan aims to better prepare adults for retirement plus offset future costs to care for an aging population. But extra steps have some employers decrying yet another mandate on business.


As Coloradans grow older, there’s a push for policies that benefit all ages

“Creating opportunities for 20-year-olds will help them when they’re 60,” said Elizabeth Garner, the state's demographer


2020 forecast: Colorado is getting older and narrowing the housing gap, but really needs middle-wage jobs

A look at Colorado's past and future for predictions about the state's aging population, how the current construction boom compares to the ’70s and more


Older Coloradans are working longer and demanding an updated set of tech skills

Older populations still need some help with tech basics, but a growing number now want to know how to use Etsy, social media and more.