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Opinion: It’s sensible in a democracy for each state to determine its own abortion rules

A case could be made that the issue of abortion rights contains a component of convenience vs. inconvenience. Some men do not want to be inconvenienced by taking the proper precautions themselves, or even discuss it with their partner. However, as a new father, he might find himself on the hook for child support if […]

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Opinion: Will Colorado’s next attorney general defend the Reproductive Health Equity Act?

By Dani Newsum and Christina Soliz The rollback of abortion rights by the conservative U.S. Supreme Court opens a dark chapter for reproductive rights. While we know that the mere legality of abortion never equaled access for communities of color, for a half century, Roe v. Wade served as a bulwark against state legislatures undermining […]

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Opinion: Colorado should change its Constitution to allow public abortion funding

Colorado is not prepared for the imminent surge in demand for abortions. Following the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade, our state is now a pro-choice island, so we must take steps to ensure wide and equitable access to abortion. As a resident family physician in Denver, I am unable to provide abortion care […]

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Democrats frustrated by party’s response — or lack there of — to abortion ruling

By Nicholas Riccardi, The Associated Press COLORADO SPRINGS — As Sen. Michael Bennet sought to encourage a small crowd of fellow Democrats not to give up the fight for abortion rights, Maryah Lauer stepped forward, bullhorn in hand, to exhort him to do more. “Do you support ending the filibuster and expanding the court?” the […]

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More abortion patients, more money, more volunteers in Colorado if Roe v. Wade is struck down

Billboards screaming about abortion pills. More “sidewalk counseling” and protesters outside clinics. More out-of-state money, more volunteers, more patients traveling to Colorado to seek abortions.  This is what the future of the abortion battle will look like in Colorado, predicted advocates on both sides Tuesday after a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion striking down […]

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Bill affirming abortion access in Colorado clears second hurdle after 24 hours of debate on House floor

A bill affirming access to abortion and contraception in Colorado cleared its second hurdle Saturday morning after 24 hours of nearly continuous debate on the state House floor. Representatives began debating House Bill 1279 on Friday morning and finished at about 11 a.m. Saturday. They took a short break Friday night before resuming the debate, […]

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Opinion: If we’re going to have an abortion debate, let’s start with reliable data

Abortion is emotional and contentious on both sides of the issue. Each faction has sincerely held beliefs and appeals to fundamental human rights. With the Dobbs decision looming in June, feelings are intensifying even more. It would be easy to retreat to the comfort of our pro-life or pro-choice bubbles and ignore the hard work […]

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Littwin: Conservative Supreme Court justices are asking us to, please, stop calling them partisan hacks

You may have noticed that an unusual number of Supreme Court justices have taken to publicly defending themselves — my favorite is Amy Coney Barrett’s we’re-not-partisan-hacks defense — as credible, balls-and-strikes arbiters of American law, unswayed by politics or by the fact that Donald Trump had been unusually candid when saying he would appoint only […]

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Colorado attorney general and 19 others back South Carolina abortion law challenge

By Meg Kinnard, The Associated Press Twenty Democratic attorneys general, including Colorado’s Phil Weiser, have voiced their support for a lawsuit challenging South Carolina’s new abortion law, arguing that the restrictive measure could harm their states by taxing resources if women cross borders to seek care. “The effects of the law are not confined to […]