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More big changes in latest Colorado congressional map, which avoids pitting House members against each other

The latest draft of Colorado’s congressional map avoids putting the state’s current U.S. House members into the same district, while creating a sweeping district across most of the Western Slope and southern Colorado. The new 8th Congressional District in the north Denver metro region would be nearly 39% Hispanic. The new map released Wednesday groups […]

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Remapping 2021 | New draft Colorado legislative maps are coming and congressional commissioners struggle to find consensus

It’s happening again. But this time, it’s the next drafts of state House and state Senate maps based on 2020 census data, drawn by nonpartisan staff, which will be posted online today.  While the congressional maps have drawn a lot more national attention, Colorado’s Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission has received a lot more feedback at […]

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Remapping 2021 | Big decisions still left on the next round of Colorado’s congressional map

The first version of Colorado’s new congressional map using 2020 census data is set to be released as early as Friday, and the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission has plenty of input to consider after holding 36 public hearings around the state.  Commissioners are expected to discuss major priorities for the map at a meeting […]

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Redistricting commissions diverge on prison gerrymandering, and the 3rd Congressional District revisited

Colorado’s two independent redistricting commissions diverged this week over a policy to change how people living in state prisons are counted in the mapmaking process, with those against the change citing the commissions’ independence from partisan politics.  The commissions were considering whether to implement a law passed by Democratic state lawmakers in 2020, House Bill […]

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Colorado’s population grew at twice the national rate between 2010 and 2020. Here’s where the boom was biggest.

Colorado’s population grew at nearly twice the rate of the rest of the nation between 2010 and 2020, putting it among the fastest-growing states, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday. While the nation’s population grew only 7.4% over that period, Colorado saw nearly 15% growth. But the growth was unevenly distributed, with urban centers continuing […]

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Latinos want Colorado’s new congressional and legislative maps to give them influence reflecting their growing numbers

Latino leaders are worried that Colorado’s once-in-a-decade redistricting process will continue to give them the short shrift at the state Capitol and in Congress, even as their community’s share of the population grows to nearly a quarter. The current class of elected state lawmakers includes the largest number of Latino lawmakers in the General Assembly’s […]

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Remapping Colorado: Census data comes a few days early and the week ahead in redistricting

After more than four months of delays and scrambling over redistricting deadlines, the 2020 U.S. Census data will be released a few days early. The U.S. Census Bureau tweeted Thursday that the final population data will be released on Aug. 12, rather than Aug. 16 as was expected. “It’s a little padding for us,” said Jessika Shipley, staff director for the independent […]

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Colorado’s redistricting commissions are holding public hearings. Here’s where and how you can get involved.

Coloradans have a chance to have their voices heard on proposals for redrawn congressional and legislative districts starting Friday in Lamar and continuing with a total of 32 meetings around the state through the end of August. The gatherings are the public’s opportunity to address both the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission and Independent Legislative Redistricting […]

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First draft of Colorado’s new state Senate, House district maps could pit 20 incumbents against each other

Colorado House and Senate district maps drawn as the state begins its once-a-decade redistricting process placed a number of incumbent lawmakers into the same districts, setting the stage for election battles next year.  The maps, rough drafts prepared by nonpartisan redistricting staff and presented Tuesday morning to the Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission, are expected […]