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Looking for beauty in an era of sameness, my psyche kept time with a solitary hummingbird

I live and work in education, life governed by the passing of semesters.  Spring and Fall breaks notify us that we’re more than half-way through, Finals week is approaching.  March, 2020 — campus closed the week before Spring break.    November 2020, a poem for Fall break: The Hummingbird October feels like MarchThe color palette veers […]

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COVID cooking keeps me focused on the present. (But I miss eating out.)

I’m convinced I’m one of a small handful of people in America who haven’t baked sourdough bread during the last seven months of the COVID-19 quarantine. I have, however, tried scads of new recipes during the pandemic, expanding both my culinary repertoire and my waistline.  Although I have long enjoyed crafting meals for family and […]

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Despite the coronavirus, I still have a garden. Party on!

Garden Party 2020 It’s been a dark, dark year, this new year–the cold and the indifferent killer viruslurking and striking, instilling dread and silent gloom.But, at last, at last, in my yard, my salvation in quarantine,the festivities are in full swing–glorious eruptions of joy and color, a celebration! And yet, those crashers, pesky little interloperswho […]