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After buying a truck during coronavirus, I reached a feverish self-diagnosis: I’m “COVID Crazy”

I am, under normal circumstances, a polite and courteous person. I am concerned and involved in the welfare of others. I enjoy and respect older people and will go visit elderly neighbors, and even other people’s older parents, just so they won’t feel lonely. That was yesterday’s reality. Today, I have diagnosed myself as “COVID […]

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Coronavirus experiences, however challenging or fulfilling, do not add up to immunity

During COVID, It Doesn’t Matter  It doesn’t matter that you showered two days agoand can no longer tie your sweat pantsor your roots are longer than your front yard grassand the toilet paper wasn’t replaced on the empty tubeeven though you bought the huge bonus packor you need vanilla to add to your cookies,the peanut […]

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Months into coronavirus, I returned to urban nature and once again found hope

“Sequel on the Night Trail” Returning to a scene for longing eyes,our inspiration at once resumed.A midsummer’s walk under majestic night skies,the monster of years now in full bloom. With river calm and weather fair,starlight presiding over water’s gleam,we skipped along the trail with nary a careon a night hike fitting for a dream. Rapidly […]