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Colorado’s Democratic caucuses reveal party split between Romanoff’s values, Hickenlooper’s electability

Updated: 9:45 p.m. 3/7/2020. The Democratic U.S. Senate primary in Colorado narrowed to a two-candidate contest Saturday, as pockets of party faithful gathered for caucuses and weighed whether to back a known quantity or a progressive firebrand. John Hickenlooper, the moderate former governor and one-time presidential candidate, split support in a preference poll taken at […]

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Colorado wants to ensure coronavirus won’t affect low-income, minority communities disproportionately

Pandemics come for us all in equal measure, right? Aren’t we all equally vulnerable? Not exactly. As the first cases of coronavirus arrive in the state, Colorado health and social services officials say they are striving to make sure lower-income residents and people of color are not disproportionately impacted by the illness and potential economic […]

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Amid coronavirus fears, the CDC told schools to plan for remote learning. That’s harder than it sounds.

As schools grapple with responding to the new coronavirus and the federal government’s recommendation to plan for extended closures, one thing is becoming clear: remote learning remains a remote possibility. An escalating number of COVID-19 cases are being confirmed in the U.S., and at least nine deaths have been reported as of Tuesday afternoon, making […]

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Colorado’s other pandemic: The 1918 flu and the lessons learned — or maybe not — for coronavirus

A run on surgical masks. No viable vaccine. Opportunists. Uncertainty. Fatalism. Fear.  These were just a few of the elements converging at the uncontrolled intersection of medical science, politics and human nature — not this week, but a century ago, when the flu pandemic of 1918 crept into Colorado, gathered deadly momentum and claimed thousands […]

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Opinion: Coronavirus fears have shut down Hong Kong in just a few weeks. A Colorado pilot describes the rapid changes.

Just weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters thronged the streets of Hong Kong and its international airport.  Today, dozens of heavy jets sit parked on the airport tarmac with no one waiting to fly. The terminal inside is nearly deserted. Restaurants, hotels and the streets are empty. The few who do venture out […]

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Here are 5 answers about Colorado’s response to coronavirus. We want to hear what other questions you have.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis stood at a lectern Tuesday and made the most extensive comments he has to date about how the state is preparing for a potential coronavirus epidemic. “My top priority as governor is keeping our state safe,” he said. Right now, a lot of the preparations involve planning and waiting. Colorado has […]

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Colorado public health officials are now able to test for coronavirus

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is now able to conduct tests for the virus that causes the disease called COVID-19, officials said. Previously only the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could test patients in Colorado, Colorado Public Radio reports. The state currently has no known COVID-19 cases. The test will only […]

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Jared Polis can commute the sentences of Colorado’s three death row inmates at any time

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis could use his broad powers to commute the sentences of the three men on the state’s death row today.  In fact, he could have converted their death sentences to life-in-prison immediately after taking office in January 2019.  But Polis has sidestepped questions about how he will handle their cases, which became […]