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Colorado voters could drastically change the state’s school funding this November. Here’s your guide to the ballot.

START HERE: WHAT’S WRONG WITH COLORADO’S BROKEN SCHOOL FINANCE SYSTEM When Colorado voters tear open their ballot envelopes this month, they’ll be presented with a familiar debate over how to fix the state’s K-12 schools. They’ll have the option to raise taxes statewide by $1.6 billion to finally fund schools at the level voters intended […]

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Colorado’s school finance system is broken. Is Amendment 73 the answer?

On its face, the question Colorado voters will be confronted with this November is a simple one: Should taxes go up to inject more money into the state’s schools? They’ll have the chance to weigh in through a $1.6 billion statewide tax hike, and through a host of local measures. They’ll also have choices between […]

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For some, home schooling is not about learning. It’s about hiding child abuse.

When an ambulance carried a blind, autistic boy from the Longmont home where his parents held him a virtual prisoner and nearly starved him for years, neighbors told reporters they couldn’t imagine how such abuse could have gone undetected for so long. Years earlier in Lakewood, as a little-boy face grinned from television screens and […]