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Melanie Asmar, Chalkbeat

Senior Reporter — Chalkbeat Colorado

Ricardo Martinez remembered as “a warrior” for justice in Denver schools

Last week, Denver lost the humble and fierce organizer.


Colorado schools bend but don’t break under omicron surge

January’s massive COVID surge has tested pandemic-weary teachers, students, and families in new ways, with half-empty classrooms, missing teachers, and abrupt temporary switches to remote learning, often for just a number of days


More than $1.6 million was spent in this year’s Denver school board election

The election was a sweep by candidates backed by the Denver teachers union and critical of Denver Public Schools’ past reforms


Aurora shootings: Students and school staff grapple with a “growing crisis”

The shootings have caused additional strain in a school community that, like others across the country, has been navigating a tumultuous period defined by the COVID pandemic and activism around social justice issues


Denver reports nearly all school staff vaccinated, but 108 could lose jobs

Superintendent Alex Marrero said that 99.1% of the district’s more than 13,700 employees had complied with the city health order to get the COVID-19 shots or an exemption.


Denver was a reform darling. Now, union-supported candidates hold all 7 board seats.

Four years ago, members supported by education reform groups had all seven seats on the Denver school board. Now it’s the opposite.


What’s at stake in the Denver school board election two years after a historic shift

The teachers union is spending big in next week’s election in the hopes of hanging on to a political majority


Aurora and Denver school boards discuss pay for board members

In Colorado, school board members serve as volunteers, and have not been allowed to be compensated for their time. But a law passed in April changed that.

Politics and Government

Denver charter school, innovation zone employees are barred from serving on the school board

The seven-member Denver Public Schools board passed the policy change unanimously and without public discussion


Investigation into Tay Anderson sexual assault allegations to be released Wednesday

The Denver Public Schools board hired Investigations Law Group in April to investigate accusations against Anderson


Denver schools increase safety officers, seek authority to ticket students

Denver Public Schools would no longer have 18 Denver police officers inside schools issuing tickets, but instead have 25 armed patrol officers with that authority.


A 7-year-old Colorado girl’s school district says in-person learning is best. Her parents want virtual.

Pearl’s family feels stuck between choosing the best educational setting for their daughter, who has Down syndrome, and protecting her health


Colorado’s standardized test scores are in. But did your kid even take the test?

One thing is clear: Many students struggled academically last year.


Denver schools don’t have enough nurses despite extra funding

Sixty one schools started the year last week without a nurse


Few Colorado families have chosen remote learning for the upcoming school year, though some are still deciding

In 10 districts surveyed by Chalkbeat, only between 1% and 2% of students chose the fully remote option for the 2021-22 school year


Denver Public Schools, Colorado’s largest district, will require face masks for all students and staff

Denver’s policy is in line with guidance from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which said last week that all students and staff should wear masks regardless of vaccination status


Denver isn’t pursuing a true-up with charter schools that got federal coronavirus loans

Across the country, charter and private schools got $6 billion in paycheck protecting funding, according to Education Week


He’s 11. By his mom’s count, he’s had more than 30 interactions with armed officers at Colorado schools.

In a year in which high-profile incidents of police brutality sparked protests across the nation, schools have been grappling with how police should interact with students.


Denver charter network banks on intensive summer tutoring to help students catch up post COVID

“If you’re in fifth grade and you haven’t been back in school since March of third [grade], we have a narrow window of time to make sure you’re equipped for middle school"


Tay Anderson, teachers union reveal more about allegations from Denver school board race

Anderson is currently the subject of a third-party investigation initiated by his fellow Denver school board members into allegations of sexual misconduct

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