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Wendy J. Fox takes on workplace dynamics, relationships through literary fiction

Wendy J. Fox is the author of four books of fiction, including the novel ”If the Ice Had Held” and the recent short-story collection ”What If We Were Somewhere Else,” which won the Colorado Book Award for literary fiction. She has written for The Rumpus, Buzzfeed, Self, Business Insider, and Ms., and her work has appeared in literary magazines including Washington Square, Euphony, and Painted Bride Quarterly. More at  […]

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SunLit Interview: For co-authors, a case of “Break Bone Fever” began with Galveston

Dr. Wanda Venters retired from her pediatric practice after three decades and began her second career as a writer in 2019. She lives in Colorado with her husband, two labradoodles and a Siamese cat.Dr. Mary Rae trained in emergency medicine, which she practiced in Texas for 20 years before transitioning to primary care. During her […]

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SunLit Interview: Scott Graham’s multicultural characters define National Park tales

Scott Graham is the author of the National Park Mystery Series, featuring archaeologist Chuck Bender and Chuck’s wife, paramedic Janelle Ortega. Book seven in the series, “Canyonlands Carnage,” was a finalist for the 2022 Colorado Book Award in the mystery category. Graham also is the author of five nonfiction books, including ”Extreme Kids,” winner of the […]

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SunLit Interview: For Dave Jilk and Brad Feld, philosophy mirrors business

Dave Jilk is a former serial entrepreneur and startup CEO in information technology. He is author of several peer-reviewed papers on artificial intelligence as well as two books of poems, “Distilled Moments” (2020) and “Rejuvenilia” (2018). Dave earned his bachelor of science degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and currently lives […]

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SunLit Interview: To publish “The Reincarnationist Papers,” Eric Maikranz took an unusual route

D. Eric Maikranz has had a multitude of lives in this lifetime. He worked as an industrial welder before attending the University of Colorado to study Russian literature, was a foreign correspondent in Rome, translated for relief doctors in Nicaragua during a cholera epidemic, and was once forcibly expelled from Laos. He has worked as […]

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SunLit Interview: Jim Davidson’s harrowing experience led to tools for scaling “The Next Everest”

Jim Davidson is a climber and professional speaker with Speaking of Adventure. During his 40 years of mountaineering, he has ascended high mountains on six continents. He is a New York Times best-selling author who wrote “The Next Everest,” which is being published in five languages. Jim coauthored “The Ledge” with Kevin Vaughan which was […]

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SunLit Interview: Kathryn Wilder started with essays. Slowly, they grew into a cohesive narrative.

Kathryn Wilder’s work has been cited in Best American Essays, nominated for the Pushcart Prize and other awards, and has appeared in several publications and anthologies. A graduate of the MFA program at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Wilder was a finalist for the 2016, 2019, and 2022 Ellen Meloy Fund Desert Writers Award; […]

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SunLit Interview: Jenny Shank drew on experience to reach across chasms in “Mixed Company”

Jenny Shank is a Boulder-based writer whose stories, essays, satire, and book reviews have appeared in many publications, including The Atlantic, The Washington Post and The Guardian. Her work has been honorably mentioned by The Best American Essays and the Pushcart Prize anthology. She writes a monthly newsletter called The Tumbleweed, at She teaches […]