On Thanksgiving, Broncos fans joined an exceptionally large TV audience, watching the reviled Raiders play the sanctimonious Cowboys. Disdain for the self-proclaimed America’s Team, from so-called Big D, took root for me at Super Bowl XII. The Broncos-Raiders rivalry goes back further. 

We rooted for Dallas this Turkey Day to enhance the Broncos’ 2021 AFC West chances. When disliked participants compete, choices can be difficult, but necessary.

Take Lauren Boebert for example. Or, as the late Henny Youngman might’ve put it, “Take Lauren Boebert, please!”

Craig Silverman

For whom should one root when Boebert keeps confronting Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar? Not long ago, Omar claimed support for Israel was all about the Benjamins. That was an anti-Semitic trope. Omar apologized, but she’s still bothersome.

Marshall Zellinger from 9News reported over Thanksgiving about a Durango fundraiser where Boebert claimed Capitol police ran in a panic at her closing elevator, and there, in the elevator, was Omar.

The so-called laugh line was the sigh of relief that Omar was not carrying a backpack. Therefore, no explosives. Whew. That’s so funny, I forgot to laugh.

Boebert’s anti-Omar offensive (and it has been offensive in every sense of that word) is the real money-grubbing event. She and her Trumpster colleagues grift money repeatedly from right-wingers by attacking the same time-tested targets. 


Boebert made up every aspect of her Omar elevator story, and pitched variations as true at one fundraiser after another. She spews “Jihad Squad” to collect wads of money from people twisted enough to find Boebert amusing.

To raise money and right-wing ire, Boebert has branded Omar and in effect, her fellow Muslim-Americans, as enemy combatants. That’s not funny. It’s downright dangerous. 

Omar’s apology for her anti-Semitic trope far surpassed the tepid “if you were offended” apology extended by Colorado’s Republican congresswoman to Muslims. In a personal phone call with Omar, Boebert promptly went back to her race-baiting divisiveness. Omar and the rest of us have every right to be angry. I’m with Omar on this one. 

Rifle’s most famous resident has built a gigantic financial war chest based on these Trumpian tactics. Boebert’s riding high, after lucking into a congressional district further gerrymandered in her favor. Boebert has little to fear from the political left except late-night jokes, which fuel her fundraising. 

However, from Boebert’s political right, a significant threat has emerged in the form of a right-wing woman scorned. Not just any woman, mind you, I’m writing about the self-proclaimed America’s Mom. Sherronna Bishop is a tall, formidable, photogenic, Jesus-centered social media sensation, and Boebert’s former campaign manager. 

Bishop was booted from official Team Boebert as her affection for the Proud Boys became a little too pronounced. While Boebert’s been on the air with Fox News primetime, Bishop’s been flying high with mega-MAGA Minnesotan and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy. Bishop has also caught the eye of Steve Bannon and his massive audience.

That private Lindell jet regularly transports Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, Bishop and other Coloradans linked to FEC, that “faith-centered” organization with a militia, and a leader prone to gallows humor. As with Boebert, any funniness is subsumed in the violence of their premises.

Why are Peters and Bishop so tight these days? Could it be alleged crimes they committed together? Hands-on assistance rendered to Peters by America’s Mom has not escaped the notice of those safeguarding our voting systems.

Federal court-approved search warrants were recently executed at the Peters and Bishop residences in connection with Dominion voting machines hanky-panky. 

Last Wednesday, Peters and Bishop held a so-called Truth and Justice rally at the government building housing offices of Republican DA Dan Rubinstein and Mesa County’s three Republican County Commissioners.

America’s Mom expressed outrage at the building’s occupants for allowing law enforcement to move against mega-MAGA mothers like herself. 

When Boebert issued a statement semi-defending Rubinstein for acting in a professional and responsible way, Bishop blasted Boebert’s betrayal on Facebook as follows: “Huh. Unprecedented action busting a door down, guns drawn, handcuffing a mother in front of her children then going through my home and taking my electronics. I have ZERO criminal history. I have ZERO violent history. All things the use of force by the FBI are reserved for. I have also not spoken with or been interviewed by the Congresswoman. Breaks my heart.”

Aw! Ain’t love grand? Is Boebert moving on up and leaving Bishop behind? Boebert has achieved FNC primetime star-power now. The Mar-a-Lago Menace favors Boebert, even telling Omar to apologize.

What could bring Boebert down? How about the Congressional Committee investigating the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, or was it, as Boebert tweeted that morning, January 6, 1776? (Hey Merrick, this is called a clue!)

With a seemingly permanent seat representing the vast geographic majority of Colorado, Boebert represents an ongoing threat. Colorado’s character and reputation diminishes every time this pistol-packing mama is spotlighted, yet she must be exposed.

The enemy of our enemy is our friend. There is ample justification to root for Boebert to lose decisively in her disputes with Omar and Bishop.

Craig Silverman is a former Denver chief deputy DA who also has worked in the media for decades. Craig is columnist at large for The Colorado Sun. He practices law at the Denver law firm of Springer & Steinberg, P.C. and is host of The Craig Silverman Show podcast.

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