For a Corona We May Die

While beautiful young idiots drink beer
And play outside in sun and sand and sea,
Their elders hide indoors and gasp in fear.

Chief Propagandist drones, “It won’t come here.
We’re safe. Go work. The best economy.”
So beautiful young idiots drink beer.

Physicians, COVID experts make it clear:
This bat contagion is no reverie!
Sick elders lock their doors and gasp in fear.

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As millions quarantine with loved ones near –
No test kits, gloves or masks in stock – they see
More beautiful young idiots drink beer.

Bear markets chase investors off like deer,
While infrastructure workers we don’t see
Help elders trapped inside who gasp in fear.

Will Rule of Law obliquely disappear?
A virus dictates ways we are not free.
While beautiful young idiots chug beer,
Our elders gasp and die alone in fear.

Rich Uhrlaub is an author and poet. He owns one mask, which he was given and required to wear while visiting a loved one in an assisted living facility before all outside visitors were banned.