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At first it was an annoying, early morning noise. Now it’s a life-affirming response to the shutdown.

Inspiration: We all have varying ways of managing our cabin fever. What started as an “odd hours” annoyance has evolved into a “Ride on, skaterdude!” every time I hear him.  Odd Hours Your skateboard wheels kuh-lack! before the sunSends quiet light at five fifty-two a.m.How can you see from inside that hoodieTo steer your cambered […]

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Stunned by youthful disregard while a loved one died in assisted living, I wrote this poem

For a Corona We May Die While beautiful young idiots drink beerAnd play outside in sun and sand and sea,Their elders hide indoors and gasp in fear. Chief Propagandist drones, “It won’t come here.We’re safe. Go work. The best economy.”So beautiful young idiots drink beer. Physicians, COVID experts make it clear:This bat contagion is no […]

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Opinion: Encourage the hope, honor the lament of those touched by adoption. It could save a life.

Adoption, like politics, has often been viewed through polarized lenses that generate passionate emotions and fiercely held beliefs that may or may not be helpful and healthy.   The first view, usually espoused by adoption agencies and prospective parents waiting to adopt, is bathed in love and ethereal light, basking in the hope and promise of […]