At EthDenver 2018, a food truck accepts crypto for meals. But the payment process wasn't entirely on the blockchain. For the 2019 event, organizers built a whole blockchain experience, from scanning a physical solidcoin to install a virtual wallet and get some Dai tokens to buying food, which food truck owners can then use the blockchain to easily convert to U.S. dollars. (Tamara Chuang, The Colorado Sun)

Building something real on the blockchain comes down to collaboration, better tech and pizza

EthDenver conference heats up local community during the Crypto Winter

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John Walsh, Colorado’s former U.S. attorney, leaves high-powered law firm to explore run against Cory Gardner

Colorado’s former top federal law enforcement official, should he decide to run, would join a growing field of challengers to the first-term Republican senator. Walsh said he will make up his mind in April.

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It’s been legal to drop off newborns in Colorado since 2000, so why aren’t suspicious infant deaths declining?

From 2001-18, 64 infants have been handed over at fire stations and hospitals under the Safe Haven Law. Advocates say a new generation of teens doesn’t know the law exists