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What’s Working: Colorado’s labor force is missing older adults, parents of young kids and international workers

The labor stories keep getting shared, and not just here on What’s Working. If you wander over to Facebook, the conversation has been quite lively around some of The Colorado Sun’s recent job stories, such as this one and this one. There are a number of folks who cannot find a job, so if you’re […]

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Colorado farmworkers could get easier access to medical care under new “bill of rights”

By Esther Honig and Rae Ellen Bichell, KHN SAN LUIS VALLEY — A woman with pregnancy complications needed permission from her boss to visit a doctor. Community health volunteers were turned away from delivering food and covid information to worker housing. A farmworker had a serious allergic reaction but was afraid to seek treatment. To […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s small business owners need protection from COVID lawsuits

Safe bet that maybe only a handful – if that many – of candidates for the Colorado General Assembly even brought the issue up on the campaign trail. It’s almost a certainty that candidates for the legislature in neighboring Utah, Wyoming and Nevada didn’t bring the issue up. They didn’t have to, because their legislatures […]