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To make beer slushies and beer ice cream, one Colorado brewery is breaking all the rules

GREELEY — On a recent hot summer day at a brewery in an old warehouse perched along the railroad tracks, the drink of choice is pink, slushy and served with a Slurpee straw. Wiley Roots Brewing calls it a beer slushie. And if it doesn’t look or taste like a traditional beer, they don’t mind. […]

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Hard work made Greeley’s downtown hip and happening. Two months of social distancing could make it all disappear.

GREELEY — Ely Corliss’ phone rang in his office at the Moxi Theater on the morning of March 12. Typically, that meant opportunity. But that morning, the ring kicked off the worst day in his life.  Corliss used his business acumen and experience as the band booker and sound guy for AF Ray’s, a Garden […]

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Craft beer is at a “precipice.” Colorado can relate after Boulder Beer closure and New Belgium sale.

BRECKENRIDGE — A beer festival, by its nature, is festive. And the 20th edition of the Big Beers festival that attracted many of the nation’s best brewers to Breckenridge was no exception. This year, however, the mood seemed less merry. In between sips of barrel-aged stouts, blended sours and boozy barleywines, the conversation at the […]