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Despite a first-ever “right-to-repair” law for Colorado wheelchair users, there’s still no easy fix

By Markian Hawryluk, Kaiser Health News Robin Bolduc isn’t the type of person who takes “no” for an answer — particularly when it comes to fixing her husband’s wheelchair. Her husband, Bruce Goguen, 69, is paralyzed from multiple sclerosis. And without his chair, he would be stuck in bed, at risk of developing pneumonia or […]

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Colorado set to become first state with right-to-repair wheelchair law

Julie Jennings needs a new seat cushion cover for her powered wheelchair.  She can’t order the new cover directly from the manufacturer and make the fix herself. Instead, she must go through one of the company’s providers. The manufacturer treats seat cushions as durable medical equipment like walkers or canes that must go through proper […]

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State lawmaker in wheelchair puts Colorado Capitol access in spotlight

By Bente Birkeland, Colorado Public Radio Soon Colorado will get its first state lawmaker known to use a wheelchair. Democrat David Ortiz was elected by voters in south Metro Denver and will be sworn into office in January. But the Capitol building, where he’ll work and where he’s supposed to interact with his colleagues and […]