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An oil and gas company wants to plug four idle wells. The wells could end up owned by a troubled Colorado operator instead.

THORNTON – An oil and gas rig whirled away on a recent winter day, just a few hundred feet from the swings and slides in Talon View Park. It wasn’t drilling a well, but plugging a string of old, played-out ones – save four of them. Those four may not be plugged, even though the […]

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The water supply of the San Luis Valley faces pressure as never before

They all remember when the San Luis Valley brimmed with water. South of San Luis, Ronda Lobato raced the rising floodwaters in San Francisco Creek every spring to fill sandbags that protected her grandparents’ farm.  North of Center, potato farmer Sheldon Rockey faced so much spring mud that he had to learn to extract his […]