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New program aims to teach rural Colorado health providers about transgender care

Alessandra Bullis’ clinic sits on a corner in Cripple Creek, a town of around 1,200 people about an hour drive west of Colorado Springs. A nurse practitioner, Bullis has been serving patients here for almost three years. “It’s primarily a casino town with an older population,” Bullis said. In nursing school, Bullis wasn’t taught about […]

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Combatting alarm fatigue at Colorado hospitals saves lives of UCHealth sepsis patients

In the hospital room of a very sick patient, or down the hall in a bustling ICU, medical personnel are constantly reaching out impatiently to switch off an alarm they find irrelevant or annoying.  What percentage of those alarms would you guess are false? Thirty percent?  Fifty percent?  Try up to 99%, according to national […]

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Coronavirus panic has fueled the telehealth revolution in Colorado — and we won’t go back

Colorado patients visiting their doctors virtually through video links, phone calls or online chats are up more than 2,000% in some larger health systems during the COVID-19 crisis, easing life for consumers and promising permanent changes long after the virus is gone. Turning a short-term necessity into a long-term virtue for consumers and providers, the […]