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vehicle emissions

vehicle emissions

Opinion: Want to solve the climate crisis? Stop widening roads

Colorado to challenge Trump administration decision ending states’ waiver for stricter vehicle-emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday is set to end a waiver that allowed California and other states to have tighter vehicle emissions rules than ones mandated federally

EPA set to end California’s ability to regulate fuel economy, which could impact Colorado

A dozen states -- including Colorado -- and the District of Columbia also follow California's fuel economy standards

ICEholes beware: Colorado is considering parking fines for blocking electric-vehicle charging stations

“I would never park my car at a gas station and walk away. That’s essentially what they’re doing,” said Margaret-Ann Leavitt, with National Car Charging in Denver.

Colorado is a top electric vehicle state without a mandate. So why can’t locals buy most of the EVs for sale?

As Colorado considers adopting a zero-emissions vehicle mandate, some electric SUVs, crossovers and pickups are coming soon

Auto dealers sue state to prevent Colorado’s adoption of California’s low-emission vehicle standard

The state adopted the rule to help clean up the air quality and save on fuel, but it adds extra cost to new cars starting in 2022

Colorado’s new attorney general plans legal action against Trump administration over health care, citizenship question

Phil Weiser says “there is going to be an ongoing opportunity for us to join a range of lawsuits that are protecting our Colorado way of life (and) our population and standing up for the rule of law.”