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Opinion: Punishing RTD hurts Colorado’s most potent weapon against climate change

Coloradans have many complaints about RTD — the Regional Transportation District that operates buses and light-rail across metro Denver. Some are valid, some are not. Despite all the issues, the real insanity is some of the solutions that people propose to “fix” this system. The two most popular ideas are balkanization and defunding. Balkanization is […]

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Here’s how Colorado’s free e-bike program fits into its plan to slow climate change

By Sam Brasch, Colorado Public Radio Growing up in Los Angeles, Shalon Bowens remembers looking forward to a new bicycle on Christmas morning. The gift was her ticket away from adults and out into the neighborhood, an excuse “to get outside and do something.” Bowens, who now lives in Denver, couldn’t help but recall that […]

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Stay-at-home order changed the way Coloradans work. But is it improving emissions?

By Clarissa Guy, Rocky Mountain PBS March 2020 marked the first stay-at-home order for Colorado. Since that time, the number of people working from home across the nation and the state has increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has pushed sustainability leaders to look at how telecommuting could decrease overall emissions. Jerry Tinianow served as […]

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The road to greenhouse gas cuts: Are Colorado drivers ready?

When Colorado’s greenhouse gas battle comes to her Wheat Ridge driveway, Jan Rose will be ready. Rose believes heart and soul that if the state wants to hit benchmarks of 90% cuts to polluting emissions by 2050, Coloradans will have to drive less, and if they do drive, use a clean electric car. Recent successful […]

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Colorado to challenge Trump administration decision ending states’ waiver for stricter vehicle-emissions

Colorado will challenge the Trump administration’s expected move Wednesday revoking the ability of states to enact vehicle-emissions standards that are tougher than what is mandated by the federal government. The Environmental Protection Agency is slated to rescind a waiver granted to California under the Obama administration that allowed the state to create its own emissions […]

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EPA set to end California’s ability to regulate fuel economy, which could impact Colorado

By Michael Biesecker, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is poised to revoke California’s authority to set auto mileage standards, asserting that only the federal government has the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy. It’s a decision that could impact Colorado as the state moves toward adopting California’s standards. Conservative […]