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U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Small Business Administration

Updated federal coronavirus loan program offers more relief, but not all Colorado businesses are eligible

The new congressional coronavirus relief bill now allows small businesses to deduct expenses paid for by forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loan funds and other federal grants

New form isn’t the “blanket forgiveness” some Colorado businesses hoped for in federal paycheck loan program

Months after the federal Paycheck Protection Program ended, some lenders are still waiting on guidance to forgive Colorado’s 109,170 pandemic relief loans

Here’s the latest look at which Colorado businesses received Paycheck Protection Program loans — and how much they got

Search the 109,170 small businesses that received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan in Colorado, though most business names were withheld.

Colorado’s final count: 109,170 businesses approved for $10.4 billion in federal coronavirus loans

As Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness gets started, changes that made loans more palatable to business owners meant less focus on workers

Will federal coronavirus paycheck loans actually be forgiven?

Here's what could happen to a Colorado PPP loan recipient in bankruptcy, others with layoffs or operations outside the state, and another that thrived in the pandemic -- and paid back its loan already

5 charts showing where federal coronavirus loans went in Colorado, which industries benefited the most

Counties with the largest number of loans were on the Front Range and dominated by Denver, with more than 18,000 loans

$1 loans? $10 million for a nail salon? Colorado’s federal coronavirus loan data has some eye-popping errors

As the federal Paycheck Protection Program heads into the forgiveness phase, Colorado companies are preparing to prove funds were used to save jobs

Here’s a list of every Colorado business that received a Paycheck Protection Program loan

At least 95 businesses, including Good Times and Peak 8 Properties, were approved for forgivable loans between $5 million to $10 million, the greatest possible amount

With days left to apply for a Paycheck loan, there’s still more than $126 billion available to small businesses

More than 101,000 Colorado small businesses received $10.3 billion in forgivable loans, but numbers have stalled even as government made loans and forgiveness easier to get money to small businesses

Paycheck Protection loans still available to Colorado small businesses as changes make them more tolerable

A congressional fix extends the period businesses have to use their money and still have their loans forgiven. It also lets owners use more money on rent and addresses employees who don’t return to work

Federal coronavirus loans slow as Colorado businesses wonder if they’ll actually be forgiven

With rules being updated frequently, there’s a growing range of interpretations to that basic guideline — and it’s scaring the small businesses that need the money the most

Colorado entrepreneurs already faced a steep startup curve. Coronavirus increased the grade.

Mom-and-pop businesses and venture-backed startups find themselves sharing tips, advice and mentors

Colorado casinos went bust when coronavirus hit. Here’s why they see a lucky streak ahead.

Casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek -- which are hemorrhaging money because of the closures -- are putting on some fresh paint, sanitizing and imagining how they can reopen with gamblers keeping their distance.

Opinion: We helped 150 Colorado companies navigate the coronavirus. Here’s what we learned.

Colorado small businesses that missed first round of federal coronavirus relief anxiously queue up again

As another $310 billion in forgivable Small Business Administration loans open up, confusion continues to reign.

Colorado’s $7.4 billion share of “forgivable” coronavirus loans includes handful of multimillion-dollar payouts

41,635 small businesses in Colorado received federal Paycheck Protection Program loans, but thousands were left out. Congress is working to add $310 billion to the fund.

Small businesses in Colorado’s high country say the federal coronavirus stimulus has left them empty handed

Employers in the state are facing defaults on leases and the prospect of losing all of their workers. The Small Business Administration says more funding may be on the way -- if Congress acts.

$5.8 billion in potentially forgivable federal loans approved for Colorado small businesses in first 11 days

The money is part of the $349 billion fund set aside by Congress to help employers retain workers. Two thirds of the money has now been claimed nationwide.

Forgivable federal “paycheck” loans expand to self-employed after frustrating start for Colorado small businesses

One week in, one-third of the $350 billion federal loan program has been tapped

Keep your workers, the loan is forgiven: How Colorado banks are coordinating a massive coronavirus lifeline

The $349 billion for the federal Paycheck Protection Program is meant to "pause" the financial impact of operating in the time of the coronavirus.

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