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Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

Hydropower is 53% of the renewable energy supply in the West. Drought is slowing down production.

Tri-State Generation, the largest hydropower customer on the Colorado River system, says it has enough other sources of energy to make up for less hydro production.


After long battle, 3 Colorado electric co-ops may renegotiate with Tri-State instead of leaving outright

Partial contracts keep the co-ops in the association while enabling them to purchase cheaper power and build local, renewable energy projects


United Power should be able to leave Tri-State for less than a tenth of a proposed $1.6B exit fee, federal report says

An energy economist for Tri-State's federal regulator called the energy association's exit-fee calculations flawed and unreasonable.


United Power makes good on threat to break its contract with Tri-State Generation

With 103,000 customers, United Power accounts for 20% of Tri-State’s business and pays almost double the open-market price for electricity.


Coal is fading in northwest Colorado. The region is betting its economic future on another natural resource.

As coal mining fades, a diverse coalition of Moffat County residents and leaders is planning for the next chapter with a focus on protecting resources while managing recreation and tourism.


Rural electric co-ops get shocking estimates of the cost to break up with Tri-State Generation

Nine members of Tri-State asked what they’d have to pay to leave the association. Now they want to know the formula used to calculate the bills.


Tri-State must tell members seeking cleaner, cheaper energy how much it would cost to break up, regulators say

Nine members of the association, including United Power, asked more than a year ago how much it would cost to break contracts running to 2050. Federal regulators gave Tri-State 30 days to clear the air.


Opinion: Clean energy is the road forward to Colorado jobs and economic recovery, not just clean air

Looking at the cost of closing Colorado’s coal-fired power plants is a bit like considering the replacement of an old car.

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Effort to force Colorado to cut greenhouse emissions faster exposes exasperation with Polis administration

“I am highly frustrated where we are now,” Sen. Kerry Donovan, a Vail Democrat, said.


Colorado Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s emissions reduction roadmap. Polis says he’s not on board.

Climate goals and deadlines to reach them would be set in state law under Senate Bill 200. Some of the work would be funded by charging polluters a fee for each ton of carbon dioxide they release.


Co-ops trying to leave Tri-State say the electric utility is “stonewalling” by refusing to calculate the price to exit

Tri-State is cleaning up the way it generates electricity, but 7 members, including United Power in Colorado, want to know if they can afford a greener deal outside the partnership.


Colorado AG asks federal regulators to probe traders’ “windfall” gas profits from February cold snap

More Colorado utilities filed documents explaining how big the hit to consumers’ pocketbooks might be, including up to $552 for some Black Hills Energy customers


Xcel Energy floats “Power Pathway” plan to bring wind, solar power to cities from rural Colorado

Xcel still needs the blessing of state regulators and the agreement of other Colorado utilities before the $1.7 billion project to build 560 miles of transmission lines proceeds.


Lawmakers pitch power authority to beef up electric grid, avoid Texas-level price spikes in Colorado

Gathering utilities under one power would avoid Texas-size problems and speed construction of valuable new lines across the West, backers say


In rural Colorado, one town is looking to its community college to help survive the end of coal

Leaders of Craig see a tight window of opportunity to build a new economic base, provide residents replacement jobs, and ensure the city’s survival.


Opinion: Power supplier Tri-State’s members are focused on finding solutions

We’re leading Tri-State to maintain reliability while rapidly transitioning to lower costs, cleaner power and greater flexibility.

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Opinion: Tri-State’s CEO on the power supplier’s year of change

We’ve made significant progress as we serve our mission to deliver reliable, affordable and responsible power across the West.

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Dollars, not politics, are driving Colorado’s accelerated embrace of solar energy

Installing solar utility generation is now cheaper than wind or natural gas-fired plants, and far cheaper than new coal generation.


Opinion: Rural power utilities must have freedom to escape Tri-State

If rural cooperatives want to pursue more choice outside the Tri-State system, electricity regulators should absolutely let them do so.

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Colorado is behind on targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. How far should the state push industry to get there?

Critics say the governor's roadmap is guided by "wishful thinking" rather than binding mandates to cut emissions blamed for climate change.

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