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Why a global fight over airplane manufacturing is affecting wine lists in Colorado restaurants

Nate Klatt, his wife and a college friend had built up a small but good business selling imported wine to Colorado restaurants and wine stores. And then the troubles began. First, in October, a 25% federal tariff was imposed on imports of French, German and Spanish wines as part of a dispute over European airplane […]

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Opinion: Russia and Saudi Arabia have exploited the global pandemic to attack U.S. energy producers. President Trump must stop it.

A crisis often brings out the best in people. Sadly, however, there are also bad actors who try to take advantage. That is certainly true of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, who have used the COVID-19 pandemic to wage economic war against other energy-producing countries – […]

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Why Colorado’s corn farmers are getting hurt by China’s soybean tariff

When China added a 25% tax on soybeans in retaliation to U.S. tariffs last year, Colorado’s farming community shrugged it off. Soybeans aren’t much of a crop here. But nationwide, large patches of Midwestern soybean farmland switched to corn. That, in turn, meant more corn would stay in the U.S., driving down prices for Yuma […]

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Colorado companies struggle in search for exclusions to Trump’s tit-for-tat tariff war with China

As Nite Ize legal operations manager Kelly Von Letkemann sifted through legal decisions to learn how to best persuade the federal government to exempt tariffs on products the Boulder company makes in China, some actions made sense. Some made no sense at all. She pointed to Sea Eagle Boats, for example. The family-owned New York […]

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Here’s what will happen when Colorado’s economy starts slowing down

Here’s the gist of CU’s annual event forecasting Colorado’s future economy: It’s still growing. Just more slowly. But before you commit to another year of renting an aging apartment or investing in Colorado beef, the 54th annual Colorado Business Economic Outlook does offer insight into everything from the future of monthly natural gas bills and […]