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Supply chain problems — from salsa to sheet metal — are hampering Colorado businesses’ coronavirus recovery

Salsa -maker Amy Lasley used to throw away the disposable gloves she wears during food preparation. But as the price of nitrile gloves skyrocketed in recent months, she’s started to disinfect them with bleach and reuse them for cleaning outside the kitchen.  Other items are more expensive, too: The glass jars she packs her salsa […]

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Colorado businesses would be required to accept cash under measure headed to governor’s desk

Colorado businesses could be fined up to $250 if they refuse to accept cash for goods and services under a bill that cleared the state legislature on Tuesday and is headed to Gov. Jared Polis’ desk. The measure from state Rep. Alex Valdez and state Sen. Robert Rodriguez, who are both Denver Democrats, would make […]

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Colorado lawmakers demand counties comply with coronavirus restrictions to access relief money

Colorado lawmakers are trying to use coronavirus relief dollars as a way to persuade counties to follow Gov. Jared Polis’ COVID-19 restrictions.  A bipartisan bill that won preliminary approval on Monday, the first day of a special legislative session, would withhold direct-aid payments to small businesses and arts organizations in counties that refuse to comply […]

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Colorado Democrats unveil details of their coronavirus relief plans for the special legislative session

Statehouse Democrats on Sunday unveiled eight coronavirus relief bills they will prioritize during Colorado’s special legislative session, which begins Monday and will run at least three days.  The legislation, much of it bipartisan, includes direct payments to small businesses, tax forgiveness, grants for child care centers and money to expand broadband access.  The aid, which […]

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Now that Colorado lawmakers have put Gallagher repeal on the ballot, will they actually be able to pass it?

When the General Assembly two years ago agreed to study the state’s dysfunctional property tax code, reform advocates were optimistic that years of warnings would finally lead to action. A bipartisan panel came up with a variety of options to repeal and replace the Gallagher Amendment, the constitutional measure that for decades has squeezed essential […]

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Colorado Democrats pare back bill eliminating tax breaks to reach accord with governor, business interests

Democrats in the Colorado legislature Saturday evening reached a deal with Gov. Jared Polis and business interests on legislation to eliminate a number of tax breaks and recoup money for education that was lost because of the economy’s coronavirus downturn.  The result is a significantly pared back version of the original legislation, House Bill 1420, […]

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Worried about coronavirus safety at work? Colorado lawmakers want you to speak out without facing retaliation

Colorado Democrats are pushing ahead with legislation brought in response to the coronavirus crisis that aims to protect employees from discrimination and retaliation by their bosses if they raise health concerns. “Of course this is not common, but we want to make sure that these employees are protected during this time,” said state Sen. Brittany […]

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Online retailers get another reprieve from collecting sales taxes in Colorado

Online retailers selling in Colorado got a reprieve from the state’s messy sales-tax collection rules until at least May 31. This is the second time the state Revenue Department has extended the deadline, this time to allow the legislature to attempt to simplify and streamline the process for collecting and remitting online sales taxes. “As […]