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Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan

Colorado Democrats will pursue mandatory waiting period for gun buyers, safe-storage measure in 2021

The legislation is modeled after policies passed in other states, but it's sure to draw Republican objections

Democrats dominate campaign fundraising and spend big to build majority in the Colorado legislature

A Republican leadership rift is hurting fundraising and one lawmaker blames a “serious strategic error” for some of the troubles

Gun-control groups see Colorado’s U.S. Senate race as a big opportunity. But it’s complicated.

Republican incumbent Cory Gardner has been a top recipient of National Rifle Association money in recent years, but Democrat John Hickenlooper’s record on policies tightening firearm regulations includes some asterisks.

Nicolais: The decline and fall of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Dudley Brown

For more than two decades the former Rocky Mountain Gun Owners executive director made Republican cancel culture his business

Colorado gun owners who don’t safely store their weapons could face jail time under new bill

One of the measures would make it a Class 2 misdemeanor for someone who fails to properly secure their firearms in homes with children. A companion bill would mandate gun owners report lost or stolen guns to police.

Colorado lawmakers have passed a death penalty repeal. What will Gov. Polis do with the men on death row?

The Colorado House gave final approval Wednesday to a bill ending capital punishment in Colorado. The governor has already said he will sign it into law. So what happens to Nathan Dunlap, Robert Ray and Sir Mario Owens?

Will Michael Bloomberg’s deep financial ties to Colorado translate into votes on Super Tuesday?

The Democratic presidential candidate is going door-to-door to remind voters about his help passing tougher gun regulations in the state

Attempted recalls of Democratic state senators dead after proponents decide not to turn in signatures

The campaigns to recall Democratic state Sens. Pete Lee and Brittany Pettersen told the Colorado Secretary of State's office on Tuesday that will not be turning in the signatures they collected

Nicolais: Colorado Republicans must move from “r-e-c-a-l-l” to “r-e-b-u-i-l-d”

Multiple failed recall bids have exposed the Republican Party’s lack of influence and strength in Colorado

Recall effort against state Rep. Tom Sullivan is stopped as GOP focuses on other lawmakers, national popular vote

The nascent effort to oust Sullivan, whose son was killed in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, energized Democrats

A new state lawmaker’s first session is over. And she got an earful about it at a town hall meeting.

State Rep. Lisa Cutter, who was inspired to run for office after President Donald Trump’s election, hopes listening helps change the current political dialogue

Wist: I disagree with Tom Sullivan on policy, but the effort to recall him is wrong

The cure for recall fever? It's you.

The red flag gun bill is now law in Colorado. But that doesn’t mean all the questions around it are answered.

Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1177 into law on Friday, saying: "Many other states have passed similar laws. They've often seen it used in a targeted way."

Columbine students campaign to spread photos of mass-shooting victims as discussion of gun-violence physiology grows

“We don’t want the images to ever have to be used,” said Kaylee Tyner, a Columbine senior who is leading the student-created #MyLastShot campaign

Watch and read: John Hickenlooper’s speech as he kicked off his presidential campaign in Denver

The “red flag” gun bill is expected to pass in Colorado. But there are important things to watch along the way.

House Bill 1177 isn’t expected to have much -- if any -- Republican support at the Colorado Capitol. Some Democrats may also vote against the measure.

Colorado’s “red flag” gun bill makes its debut. Here’s how it compares to other states.

Also known as an “extreme risk protection order” bill, the legislation is expected to draw significant opposition from Republicans. More than a dozen states have already passed similar laws.

KC Becker outlines aggressive agenda in her opening remarks. Here’s the new Colorado House speaker’s speech, annotated.

Context for the speech with annotations from The Colorado Sun highlighting what’s important and explaining what it all means

Colorado state senator won’t seek re-election following sexual harassment allegation, cites personal financial obligations

In a Facebook post announcing the move, Sen. Jack Tate, R-Centennial, said he began considering when to leave the legislature months before he was accused of sexual harassment

A “red flag” bill will return in the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature. But what about other gun-control laws?

The last time Colorado Democrats controlled the Capitol they faced major blowback -- and lost their hold -- following the passage of 2013 gun laws

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