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Carman: Crumbley family puts the lie to the myth of the ‘responsible gun owner’

When Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold unleashed the firestorm that would forever be known as the Columbine Massacre, criticism of the parents from pundits and political leaders was savage.  How could the boys assemble an arsenal of weapons and devise an elaborate plan for a rampage at school without the parents knowing about it? Couldn’t […]

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Despite partisan rhetoric at the Colorado Capitol, just 4.4% of bills this year passed along purely party lines

A record 504 bills introduced in the Colorado legislature became law this year, and 94% of them had at least one Republican vote. And half of the 39 Republicans in the state House and Senate voted for 58% of those bills, according to a Colorado Sun analysis.  That’s despite a third year of Democratic rule […]

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Colorado Democrats shelve effort to impose a gun-purchase waiting period this year

Democratic state lawmakers have shelved efforts to pass a bill imposing a gun-purchase waiting period this year, as they had planned before the 2021 lawmaking term began. State Rep. Steve Woodrow, a Denver Democrat, was slated to be the prime sponsor of the measure. He said the massacre at a Boulder King Soopers reshaped lawmakers’ […]

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Littwin: More gun-violence bills are on the way in Colorado’s legislature. Imagine if we could say the same for Congress.

Give credit to Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg and others in the state legislature who, in the wake of the Boulder King Soopers shooting, are trying to actually do something about gun violence. Doing something is critical, even if it’s not enough. Don’t blame the state legislature for that, though. Doing something as a state […]

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Colorado Democrats will pursue mandatory waiting period for gun buyers, safe-storage measure in 2021

Democratic state lawmakers in Colorado are planning to introduce at least three pieces of gun-control legislation this year, including a measure that would require a waiting period — potentially of five days — between when someone purchases a firearm and when they can access that weapon. The other two bills would require gun owners to […]

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Democrats dominate campaign fundraising and spend big to build majority in the Colorado legislature

Democrats are outspending Republicans in state legislative races, and super PACs are pouring in $10 million, as the majority party looks poised to make gains in both chambers. A few of the competitive races are exceeding the $1 million mark with the most expensive contest — a state Senate seat in Adams County — topping […]