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Why are so many people riled up by Jena Griswold?

Secretary of State Jena Griswold has threatened to refer President Donald Trump for prosecution for encouraging voter fraud. She’s called him “lying, litigating Donny” on Twitter and more than once has tried to bait him into explaining why voting by mail is good enough for him but not everyone else. “I’ll wait,” Griswold tweeted. Trump […]

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Did you make a mistake on your Colorado ballot? Or put it in the wrong drop box? Here’s what you can do.

Life happens and sometimes it spills onto your mail-in ballot, kind of like coffee or red wine. Or maybe a toddler grabs your sealed envelope and tears it open. So how do you fix it? Colorado election officials get these questions all the time, so we consulted the Secretary of State’s Office and talked with […]

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How Colorado will run an election amid the coronavirus and what it means for the June primary

The start of early in-person voting this week in Colorado marks a key test for officials across the state on how to conduct an election in the middle of a pandemic. The June 30 statewide primary will serve as a trial run for the all-important November election and offer clues about whether the emergency public […]