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“White Trash Warlock” introduces a young man versed in the supernatural, on a mission

Chapter One: Adam Lee Binder Adam shivered at the taste of black magic: battery acid and rotten blackberries. It mixed with the odors of cheap beer and cigarettes. Even the lake’s sweet air, wafting through the bar’s open windows couldn’t scrub it from the back of Adam’s throat. He shivered and wished he’d worn something […]

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How a rejected short story propelled Lauren Connolly to self-publish a novel — and embrace the romance genre

Lauren Connolly crafts love stories set in the contemporary world. Some are grounded in reality, while others play with the mystical and magical. Her writing normally happens in the evening because she spends her days as an academic librarian helping students research all sorts of odd topics. Lauren lives in southern Colorado, outnumbered by animals. […]