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What to know about voting and what to watch on Election Day in Colorado

A tumultuous national election could see drawn-out vote counts and lawsuits that delay the declaration of a winner in the presidential race. But Coloradans are likely to get some key answers Tuesday night. Early turnout has paced well ahead of previous years entering Election Day, a sign of high political engagement and interest, and shown […]

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Colorado money tracker: A look at the candidates and campaigns spending to influence the 2020 vote

The majority of the money spent in a political campaign is aimed at persuading voters to pick a certain candidate and turnout to vote. The tools of the trade are familiar: television commercials, glossy mailers, yard signs, flashy digital ads, text messages, phone calls and more. What is less visible: The entities spending the money […]

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A look at the major differences between Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper in the U.S. Senate race

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and former Gov. John Hickenlooper like to remind Coloradans of how great the state is.  During their tenure in office, the state’s population grew and the economy boomed. But their visions for its future vary.  The Colorado Sun researched the candidates’ platforms and asked the presidential campaigns to respond to more […]

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John Hickenlooper, Cory Gardner tangle in translated Spanish debate

By Nicholas Riccardi, The Associated Press Republican Sen. Cory Gardner and his Democratic challenger, former Gov. John Hickenlooper, faced off in a Spanish-language debate on Tuesday, tussling over immigration, health care and the response to the coronavirus pandemic. The debate was taped in English on Sunday and aired with Spanish translations on Tuesday, so neither […]

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Here’s how Cory Gardner’s bill would and wouldn’t protect people with preexisting conditions

Think of health policymaking like those old-timey variety show videos of people spinning a bunch of plates at once. There’s just a ton going on, and focusing only on one thing will cause the rest of the apparatus to come crashing down. This, in a tortured-metaphor kind of way, explains why health policy experts say […]

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The coronavirus campaign shows partisan split in Colorado, as top candidates mostly keep out of view

In a typical election year, the political campaign is a process — by definition, a series of activities that candidates undertake to win elected office. This year, amid the pandemic, the act of campaigning is a political statement.  For candidates, the choice to hold events or wear a mask serves as shorthand to voters about […]

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Colorado doesn’t appear to be a presidential swing state in 2020. That could spell big trouble for Cory Gardner.

Republicans in Colorado are becoming increasingly nervous about U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s reelection odds as President Donald Trump’s poll numbers crater in the state and across the nation.  That’s because Gardner’s reelection strategy hinges on his ability to win support from voters unwilling to back the president but who are enamored enough with the Republican […]