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Attempt to stop Colorado water speculation is circling the drain

A move to dry up water speculation once and for all in Colorado ended at the legislature despite intense supply pressures from drought and water developers, as lawmakers said they’re loath to hurt farmers’ ability to sell their most valuable asset.  The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee tabled the anti-speculation bill after first accepting […]

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Nicolais: How state Sen. Don Coram can beat Rep. Lauren Boebert

Republican state Sen. Don Coram announced his primary campaign against U.S. Representative, and Colorado embarrassment, Lauren Boebert last week. Let’s hope that Coram and his allies bring more than his winning smile to the gunfight sure to ensue. Coram is one of the most jovial, well-liked and respected members of the Colorado legislature. He is […]

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Lawmakers pitch power authority to beef up electric grid, avoid Texas-level price spikes in Colorado

Colorado needs a new powerline-building authority and its own regional compact for affordable backup supply in order to avoid energy fights like those in Texas and at home over who should pay for pricey impacts from the same cold front, according to legislation backed by bipartisan Senate sponsors. The proposed law, Senate Bill 72, would […]

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Colorado lawmakers want to stop dogs, cats from being euthanized in shelters for lack of space

Sometimes, food and shelter just aren’t enough. A bill at Colorado’s Capitol says dogs and cats deserve more when they’re lost or abandoned — they need mental and emotional care, too.  Lawmakers want to discourage shelters from killing animals because of lack of space and ensure that dogs and cats are adopted, returned to their […]

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Colorado hemp farmers say they know more than the feds and want to keep regulation in state hands

As Colorado hemp growers ready their fields and greenhouses for an anticipated 120,000-acre crop this year, state policymakers are working on a plan to bypass proposed federal rules that threaten to wither the promise of the state’s hemp industry. Colorado has had its own successful hemp oversight program for six years, and the Colorado Department […]

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Colorado could soon expand protections for student journalists by shielding their advisers from retaliation

Colorado lawmakers this year hope to broaden First Amendment protections for the state’s student journalists by passing legislation shielding public school employees who work with them from administrative retaliation. The bill would also broaden explicit free speech protections for student journalists to include audio and visual storytelling platforms. “This bill will update our law in […]