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Colorado officials look to close 30 campaign committees in “never-ending spiral”

Every day, former Democratic Sen. Angela Giron’s campaign committee racks up hundreds of dollars in fines. And until recently, so did Sen. Owen Hill’s, even though the Republican is entering his final year before hitting term limits. On Friday, that piling up of fines owed could end as the secretary of state considers shutting down […]

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Campaign to recall Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia fails, decides not to turn in all of its signatures

The campaign to recall Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia failed on Friday afternoon after the group decided to turn in just a fraction of the signatures that they collected. Friday was the recall campaign’s deadline to turn in 13,506 valid signatures from voters in the Pueblo Democrat’s Senate District 3 to force a special election […]

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Dark money and big donors fuel the ballot battle over Proposition CC in Colorado

Big money is pouring into the Proposition CC campaign – and Colorado voters may never find out where much of it is coming from. That’s because dark-money nonprofits are contributing heavily to supporters and opponents of the 2019 ballot question to end TABOR revenue limits. That dark money — totaling nearly $3 million — is […]

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In its latest ruling, Colorado Supreme Court once again avoids question at heart of TABOR debate

More than 25 years since the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights won voters’ approval in Colorado, one question continues to vex policymakers and judges: What qualifies as as tax? The question sat at the center of a 5-year-old case before the Colorado Supreme Court challenging the fees the secretary of state’s office charges businesses. The 22-page […]

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Colorado confirms suspected Russian hacker “jiggled the lock” on state voter database — but couldn’t get in

A computer linked to Russian hackers tried to access Colorado’s voter registration database ahead of the 2016 election, but the effort proved unsuccessful, state officials confirmed for the first time Friday. The secretary of state’s office, which oversees elections, matched a suspicious Internet protocol address flagged by the Department of Homeland Security as a potential […]

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Nicolais: Jena Griswold is playing politics and undercutting a long history of excellence

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold recently made it clear she prioritizes political posturing over sound public policy. Less than six months into her term, Griswold has already destabilized the reputation her predecessors — both Republican and Democratic — worked to build around fair, nonpolitical excellence. For Coloradans fed up with partisan politics, Griswold’s actions […]

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In final push, Democrats rush major changes to elections and campaign finance disclosure in Colorado

Better disclosure for campaign donations, automatic voter registration, longer hours to vote and more poll locations are a handful of the last-minute changes Democratic lawmakers want to make to Colorado election laws. The initiatives are designed to increase transparency surrounding money in politics and boost participating in elections and take effect in time for the […]

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Donations to Colorado charities fell flat last year and some are blaming Trump’s tax law

For the first time since it began in 2010, Colorado Gives Day saw donations fall flat last year. Local nonprofits had already experienced declines, like Goodwill Industries of Denver, which saw contributions sink by 20 percent in the prior year. Colorado nonprofits overall landed with a thud, according to new state data showing no growth […]

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Armstrong: For better politics, let’s separate party and state

Imagine there’s no political party on the ballot. It’s easy if you try. And, unlike John Lennon’s utopia, my proposed reforms are both possible and prudent. Early in our state’s history people tried letting political parties largely run elections. That was a disaster. Now we try letting government run political parties in important ways. Our […]

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Colorado’s final election 2018 results are even worse for Republicans

The unofficial final election report from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office shows even worse news for Republicans than initially thought.  Democrat Jared Polis defeated Republican Walker Stapleton in the governor’s race by 10.7 percentage points, well above the 7-point margin touted on election night. The late boost in Democratic votes was expected because the […]