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search and rescue

search and rescue
search and rescue

“We can’t broadcast through a mountain”: Digital dead zones getting in the way of Colorado’s first responders

Technology can now connect a patient to a doctor over video and send a live feed from a drone, but basic communication is still difficult for first responders in rural areas not covered by cell towers and fiber-optic cables


An overdue Colorado hiker may not have picked up rescuers’ phone calls because he didn’t recognize the number

According to the Lake County rescue team, it made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach a person reported overdue from a hike on Mount Elbert


When people die in Colorado’s outdoors, sometimes friends are the ones to find them

Colorado search and rescue teams don’t condone civilian-led rescue missions, but in the last year, groups of skilled friends have found their fallen comrades in the backcountry.


Stress threatens Colorado search and rescue teams as calls for help climb during coronavirus

Weary after a year of increased calls and grim missions, Colorado's more than 2,800 volunteer backcountry rescuers are hoping lawmakers can find better funding and support.


Avalanche-trained dog locates body of snowmobiler killed in massive northern Colorado slide

The man died when a slide broke near Ruby Mountain in Jackson County. His death brings the total number of people killed in avalanches this season to 11, a tie for the worst season on record.


Northern Colorado has its own backcountry ski patrollers. And they’re busier than ever.

Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol celebrates 30 years negotiating complicated terrain, boundaries and avalanche risk near Cameron Pass


Retailers are seeing spike in backcountry gear sales. That has avalanche educators, search teams worried.

As ski resorts announce plans to manage crowds, avalanche equipment sales are soaring, leaving search and rescue teams and land managers bracing for record crowds exploring snowy mountains.


Meet the Colorado helicopter medic trained to rescue wildland firefighters

Unique federal, state, military and civilian partnerships grow from Gypsum’s High Altitude Army National Guard Training Site, creating a firefighting unicorn like Aaron Zinser


“Locals only” coronavirus closures of Colorado public land may not be legal. But mountain communities say it’s needed for safety.

Colorado's mountain towns say it's not about banning outsiders. But "if you have yet to realize we are in unprecedented times, then you are either not paying attention or are a denier," San Juan County's sheriff says.


Colorado’s governor advises going outdoors to ease coronavirus isolation. But take it easy, first responders plead.

People are getting cabin fever in the coronavirus crisis. But search and rescue crews worry adventurers in need may stress an overburdened system. “Everything is the backcountry now,” a SAR team member says.

Colorado’s volunteer search and rescue teams are overwhelmed and there are fears it’s going to get worse

The state’s 2,800 rescue volunteers -- a shrinking pool -- respond to 3,600 calls for help each year. Colorado’s natural resources boss said that’s “a train wreck happening before our eyes” and wants the legislature to help.


Pre-season training preps avalanche dogs from Colorado and far beyond for search and rescue

“The saves are going to start happening because of this program and we are going to get people out of the worst situation possible alive.”


A Colorado photographer thought he was alone in the Wyoming mountains. Then he heard a rescue helicopter.

Dean Krakel accidentally triggered a tricky search and rescue operation while sleeping in his tent -- something that can happen with satellite messengers