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school funding

school funding

Now that Colorado lawmakers have put Gallagher repeal on the ballot, will they actually be able to pass it?

Already trouble signs are emerging signaling that would-be allies lack the enthusiasm needed to sell the 2020 electorate on a difficult ballot question

Opinion: Colorado needs emergency tax reform to avoid irreparable harm

Opinion: Why we need to reach hard-to-count Coloradans. There’s a lot at stake.

We now know the full cost of Colorado’s full-day kindergarten expansion

The additional cost associated with full-day kindergarten is $204 million, of which the state is responsible for $198.3 million, according to legislative analysts

Colorado lawmakers hoped to finally change the school funding formula after 25 years. They may have to keep waiting.

A legislative committee’s progress toward making the formula more student centered reached a roadblock Thursday when lawmakers ran out of time to finalize a bill. They hope to still make it happen this session.

Part calculator, part crystal ball: Colorado lawmakers’ simulator testing tweaks to state’s school-funding formula

The state is contracting with EdBuild to pay for its simulator tool through the end of 2019 for a total cost of $177,428. Lawmakers hope it can predict the effect of any changes they want to make to the formula.

Many Colorado teachers willing to walk out to protest school funding, union survey finds

Teacher pay in Colorado ranks among the least competitive in the nation when compared with other professions that require a college degree

Why the Denver school board “flipped” toward reform and what might happen next

The question now is what this “flip” will mean for teachers, students, and parents

Opinion: Proposition CC isn’t the answer to all of our problems. But it’s a start.

Lawmakers are finally setting out to retool Colorado’s school funding formula. They’ll have to reach a consensus on these questions first.

Three key factors influence how much money Colorado’s 178 districts receive per pupil. A committee that’s been stalled for two years may have moved the needle with ways to rebalance funding.

Park County teacher strike enters its second week, even as classes resume

District officials announced Sunday that schools would be open to students starting Monday, with the help of substitute teachers and support staff

In mostly rural Colorado, the four-day school week has taken hold. But what do communities do with “Fifth Day”?

Districts, nonprofits and even individual families have gotten creative with ways to keep students engaged. Could that spark innovative solutions to other issues?

If Colorado wants to stop the next school shooting, the state needs to get on the same page, lawmakers say

State Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, chair of special school-safety committee, sees holes in the current system and wants the state to play a larger role

Taking a hit: Colorado school districts grapple with insuring against hail

It’s one example of the often-forgotten expenses school districts incur outside of the classroom.

Denver schools could soon have too few students — meaning consolidation might be coming. Here’s why.

By 2022, Denver Public Schools predicts there could be as many as 19 schools with fewer than 215 students, which would cost the district $3.4 million in subsidies