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What’s Working: Colorado needs transit and truck drivers. How’s a $5,000 bonus sound?

Here’s how Denver and RTD are handling the driver shortage. Plus: Inflation continues, new business laws and more.


Colorado is about to spend $28 million to fund free summer bus and train trips. It remains unclear if riders will flock.

The idea is to get Coloradans used to riding transit in the hope they will form a habit. But it’s unclear whether people will take advantage of the offer — let alone come back when they have to pay.


Opinion: Punishing RTD hurts Colorado’s most potent weapon against climate change

The key to lowering greenhouse gases is fewer cars, more mass transit. State budget ultimatums aren’t getting us closer to that goal

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Colorado dangles free transit on bad pollution days. But will there be anyone to ride? Or drive?

Northern Colorado transit systems struggling to lure back riders can’t restore full service because there aren’t enough drivers and that may be keeping customers away.


RTD buses and trains have more passengers — but not enough drivers

The Denver-area transit agency doesn't have enough drivers to restore service to pre-COVID levels


Opinion: We already have a tool that can clean the air, reduce traffic, and expand job opportunity: the bus

It’s not complicated: More buses, running more frequently

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RTD faces backlash after slashing bus service to Adams County courthouse

Adams County officials say "the lack of access to public transit will restrict our ability to increase the quantity of cases heard – and could prove to be counterproductive to our goal of reducing the backlog of cases"

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Opinion: We applaud moves by Colorado lawmakers and federal leaders on transportation funding

These state bills will help residents get from point A to point B, while also addressing climate change goals.

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Public transit is just as gross as you thought and that’s why microbiologists love it

Colorado post-docs and undergrads endure the swabbing of seats and handrails in the name of science, part of a worldwide effort to “map the human biome” and sort good germs from bad.


Longmont may still get its long-promised RTD rail line. But it may need help from Amtrak.

Boulder County voter agreed in 2004 to tax themselves to pay FasTracks rail service and have kicked in $500 million as the 38-mile Northwest line has evolved without stops in Boulder and Longmont.


RTD gets federal coronavirus relief dollars, reverses furloughs

Despite receiving some financial respite, the agency is not calling back 90 non-union employees who left in recent weeks because their jobs are still deemed unnecessary given reduced agency services


New RTD boss questions wisdom of still pursuing the long-promised Denver-Boulder train

RTD promised the line in 2004 as part of the voter-approved FasTracks program, but rising costs have delayed the project by decades


Opinion: Rhetoric is not the same thing as action on RTD election free-ride proposal

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Pairing mental health counselors with police on calls shows promise in Colorado

Colorado's marijuana taxes funded 10 co-responder programs that dispatch mental health pros with cops. Two years in, the concept seems to be working in cities along the Front Range.

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Colorado wanted to make it easier for people with disabilities to vote. Then came coronavirus.

Advocates say family and friends of prospective voters living in the more than 900 elder care centers and other care institutions in Colorado must remain extra vigilant that COVID-19-related health restrictions do not bar their loved ones from casting a ballot.

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The first two efforts to defund police in Colorado quickly failed. Will a push at CU be the first to succeed?

The Colorado legislature passed a sweeping police accountability bill in the wake of George Floyd protests, but so far efforts to replace law enforcement with mental health workers have failed.

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RTD board soundly rejects resolution to replace security with social workers

The resolution lost in a 14-1 vote in the Regional Transportation District's publicly elected board of directors.


30 years after passage of Americans with Disabilities Act, key inequities remain in Colorado

The biggest remaining hurdles for people living with disabilities continue to be accessible housing and fair employment opportunities


Anxieties familiar and new persist for Coloradans living with disabilities during coronavirus

The economic shutdown related to COVID-19 has complicated the lives of Colorado people with disabilities, who find their routines upset, their jobs at risk and their quest for affordable, accessible housing more difficult.


Colorado wants to ensure coronavirus won’t affect low-income, minority communities disproportionately

Past research on pandemics show inequities by race, ethnicity and income groups in everything from the level of exposure to the pathogen, to health care outcomes

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