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Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge

Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge

New tests find lower radioactivity at Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Earlier tests from a different part of the buffer zone found elevated levels of plutonium, while a second test from the same area showed lower levels

Plutonium found in Rocky Flats soil near Denver, though 2nd test shows lower level

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said it is trying to sort out the conflicting results

Wildlife roam where U.S. once made nuclear and chemical arms, like at Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Rocky Flats

An astonishing array of animals and habitats flourished on six obsolete weapons complexes — mostly for nuclear or chemical arms — because the sites banned the public and other intrusions for decades

Federal prosecutors say they can’t find files on investigation into Rocky Flats nuclear arms plant

The files have remained secret since the investigation ended with criminal charges in 1992

Opinion: 10 things Colorado lawmakers should prioritize to be forward thinking on fracking

Activists want details on 27-year-old criminal investigation into Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

The government built plutonium triggers at the Rocky Flats plant from 1952 to 1989. It was shut down after a two-year grand jury investigation into environmental violations.

Superior weighs drilling moratorium, open space purchase to stop U.K. company’s Rocky Flats plan

Superior enlists expertise of Broomfield to fight Highlands Natural Resources' plan for 31 wells originating from the corner of Colorado 128 and McCaslin Boulevard

Jim Morrissey on Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge — 10/5/2018

EPA regional chief Doug Benevento: Trust-but-verify technique proves Rocky Flats is ready for the public

Areas open to the public for biking, hiking provided security buffer for places work with nuclear materials was done

Interior Department says Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge public opening will be delayed, then quickly says it won’t

After a note from Jared Polis about plutonium testing, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke initially said the refuge opening would be delayed