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Coloradans need somewhere to safely dump old computers and TVs. This new Denver service is trying to help.

Craig McNeal wrestles the Toshiba wall-mounted TV — once futuristic, now problematic — onto the recycling warehouse’s scale. While still wrangling it into position, he guesses: 60 pounds? The impassive scale reveals just how big is the challenge ahead: 64 pounds, to be precise, of obsolete plastic, metal and microchips that must be taken apart […]

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Opinion: The overly broad recycling bill on the governor’s desk deserves a veto

Lawmakers in Denver have advanced a bill to the Governor’s desk that would effectively shift the costs of recycling from local government to manufacturers, distributors, and everyday consumers. House Bill 22-1355, more commonly known as extended producer responsibility, or EPR, is not the right policy approach to bolster Colorado’s recycling efforts. We urge Gov. Polis […]

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Colorado lawmakers just passed legislation creating a statewide recycling program. Here’s how it would work.

Colorado would have a statewide recycling program funded by fees charged to companies that produce packaging under a bill passed by the legislature Wednesday. Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign House Bill 1355 into law.  The fees would be used to provide recycling services to most communities and residents across Colorado in the hopes […]

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Denver wants a major recycling expansion. But it needs to start charging fees to get it done.

Denver residents would pay a monthly fee for garbage hauling while getting recycling and compost bins picked up weekly as part of the deal, in a proposed major overhaul of waste handling aimed at lifting local and statewide recycling rates closer to the national average.  Residents of single-family homes and apartments up to seven units […]

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Opinion: Colorado is pretty lame when it comes to recycling, actually

Our wonderful state of Colorado is filled with snow-covered peaks, rushing rivers, hiking trails filled with eager outdoor enthusiasts, and . . . some of the lowest recycling rates in the nation.  Yes, counter to our green reputation, Coloradans recycle only 15% of our waste, less than half the national rate of 32%, and far […]

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Glass can be recycled infinitely. Here’s how it works in Colorado’s “closed loop.”

The life cycle of a glass bottle — from creation to use to disposal to reconstitution — can all happen within Colorado, and theoretically continue forever.  Glass that’s been recycled first goes to a material recycling facility, such as Eco-Cycle or GFL Environmental, along with paper, plastic, aluminum and everything else in the single-stream recycling […]