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Public Utilities Commission

Public Utilities Commission
Public Utilities Commission

February storm eats up much of Cripple Creek schools’ energy budget for an entire year

A five-figure shocker has the tiny mountain district asking if anybody can help while they try to figure out where to cut.


Closing all of Xcel’s coal-fired power plants will cost Colorado consumers $1.4 billion

Shuttering plants to meet the state’s greenhouse gas emissions goals carries a hefty price tag, including costs of bonds to finance the wind down


Colorado AG asks federal regulators to probe traders’ “windfall” gas profits from February cold snap

More Colorado utilities filed documents explaining how big the hit to consumers’ pocketbooks might be, including up to $552 for some Black Hills Energy customers


Xcel Energy looks to avoid Colorado wildfires — and PG&E’s fate — and wants customers to pay for it

The company wants $589.7 million by the end of 2025 to maintain infrastructure and keep trees at bay. Consumer advocates say that’s not necessary.


Opinion: Want to support Colorado firefighters? Take action on climate change.

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Opinion: Time for Colorado utilities to step on accelerator for electric vehicles

Opinion Columns

Wyoming coal interests funneled money, experts to influence Colorado PUC decision on closing parts of Pueblo plant

The Coalition of Ratepayers, a group formed by the Denver-based Independence Institute and which received money from out of state, still couldn’t stop the shutdown of Comanche Station units in Pueblo.


Xcel wins $41.5 million rate increase, but Colorado regulators balk at charging for repairs to troubled coal plant

Xcel Energy wanted a $158.3 million increase, but the PUC pushed back to keep rate hike passed on to residential customers to about $1.03 per month.


Tri-State’s bid to move to federal regulation and sidestep increased Colorado scrutiny is rejected

Westminster-based electricity giant wanted out of the scrutiny of Colorado’s PUC and had said FERC would give a united approach to rate setting in four states


Lobbying spending sets new record in Colorado, as interests shift to influence Democratic-controlled Capitol

Business interests, associations, nonprofits and other groups spent more than $36.4 million on lobbyists in fiscal year 2019 to influence Colorado lawmakers and government agencies

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Fearing Tri-State could duck clean-energy goals, Colorado utilities commission files unprecedented protest

For the first time in at least 25 years, state regulators move to stop a migration, saying the interstate power provider has too much unfinished business here


Tri-State, under pressure from its member co-ops to change or fall behind, is shifting to renewable energy

Giant power provider on the verge of deal with departing utility says it will shutter coal-fired plant in Nucla two years early as it retools carbon-emissions goals.


Front Range air quality is terrible, but Colorado’s efforts are showing some improvement in ozone pollution

A slate of new laws is expected to speed up air-quality improvements, but Denver still hasn't met standards that the EPA set more than a decade ago


Xcel wants to hike your electricity bill to cover the cost of new customers, prevent wildfires and boost returns

A proposal before Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission would increase the average bill of a residential customer in the state by 6.5%


Colorado is overhauling climate goals with an eye on scrubbing carbon from its electricity

Revisions to six sets of rules and four bills in the statehouse, including one that enacts "social cost of carbon" standard, aim to reduce carbon emissions while protecting coal-plant workers from obsolescence


Coal-fired power plants are closing early and Colorado lawmakers want to ease towns’ tough transition

House Bill 1037 would let electric companies recoup money spent to build the plants while funding economic impact grants to towns losing jobs along the way


Colorado co-op’s fight for renewable energy could upend how rural communities are powered

As fight with Delta-Montrose Electric Association heads to court -- and PUC hearing -- Tri-State announces new wind, solar projects


Colorado power companies bet big on net-zero emissions as state debates 100% renewable energy future

Xcel, Platte River banking on lowering emissions with nuclear, geothermal and carbon capture tech, but critics argue it would be too small, too slow


A Western Slope electric co-op’s demand for renewable energy is barreling toward a legal showdown

Delta Montrose Electric Association wants break its contract with big electric generator to get more renewable sources in the mix.


Uber to bolster driver background checks in Colorado, at a cost of $2.4 million annually, after state sanction

The change comes after the ride-sharing service is expected to settle an $8.9 million fine by the state for using drivers with criminal convictions