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Opinion: New limits on oil and gas ignore the will of Colorado voters

Unelected bureaucrats know better than we do. At least that’s what our state government is saying as Colorado regulators execute sweeping new development restrictions on energy companies — defying the will of Colorado voters and ignoring our own health department’s findings. The groundwork for this was laid last year when Gov. Jared Polis signed Senate […]

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Opinion: The climate disrupters are coming out of the woodwork, and they aren’t afraid

I had an opportunity to speak with the parents of a young activist, Ezra Kone, who was arrested along with 38 protesters at the Colorado State Capitol on Thursday morning. Ezra’s parents were at the Denver Detention Center the next day and though ready to post bail, they could not get direct answers about what […]

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Opinion: In Colorado, conservative and pro-oil and gas communities support renewables, too

If you believe some politicians and media pundits, the way we produce energy in the United States is extremely controversial. To hear them tell it, some people are wedded to fossil fuels and other people only want renewables. The two sides are locked in vicious political combat and the idea of them ever working together […]

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New attack ad from oil and gas industry ally blasts Gov. Jared Polis and Democrats for “junk science”

A dark-money conservative political organization allied with the oil and gas industry is taking aim at Colorado’s governor and a new administration report on health impacts from drilling operations, declaring “it’s time to fight back” against “Jared’s junk science.” The attack — airing on radio stations and appearing online — is the most aggressive assault […]

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Opinion: It’s time for the oil and gas industry to be good neighbors and support new legislation

The oil and gas industry has spent the past eight years running roughshod over dozens of Colorado communities, proposing larger scale, higher intensity, closer in proximity massive industrial drilling projects in the midst of homes and neighborhoods. In fact, as of today the industry has filed for more than 6,000 permits — what we would […]

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What the landmark oil and gas bill really says — and its significance for Colorado

Gov. Jared Polis and the Democratic-led legislature are pushing forward a measure that could allow local governments to veto oil and gas drilling in their communities, add a litany of new rules and spark a wave of lawsuits. A provision in the legislation to raise the threshold for forced pooling of mineral rights would give […]

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Oil rigs may draw protests, but Colorado’s pipelines could get pinched by Democratic lawmakers

Oil rigs dotting the Front Range have been lightning rods of controversy and targets of protests, lawsuits, ballot measures and now an expected push at the statehouse for new regulations. But behind those drill rigs is a multibillion-dollar network of processing plants and pipelines that also could be affected. This part of the industry is […]

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Colorado expands buffer zone between schools, oil-gas wells to 1,000 feet following Proposition 112’s failure

By Dan Elliot, The Associated Press Colorado oil and gas regulators voted Tuesday to expand the mandatory buffer zone between new wells and school property, a rare victory for proponents of tighter rules for the industry. The state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will now require that new wells be at least 1,000 feet (305 […]

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Here’s how much the oil and gas industry spent on the 2018 election in Colorado

Seven of the top 10 corporate and nonprofit donors in Colorado’s 2018 midterm election were oil and gas interests that combined to spend more than $34 million — a total that exceeded the campaigns for both candidates in the governor’s race. The money primarily went to support or defeat two competing ballot initiatives. But oil and […]