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property taxes

property taxes
property taxes

Zornio: Colorado’s 2021 elections are too important to skip. Here are my picks

Evaluating Amendment 78, Propositions 119 and 120 and select local initiatives

Opinion Columns

Property taxes would more than triple for Colorado short-term rental owners under statehouse proposal

State Sen. Chris Hansen, a Denver Democrat, said the change is aimed at ensuring schools and fire departments have enough local funding


Proposition 120: Voters will decide if Colorado property taxes will go down — at least for some

A law passed in the final days of Colorado’s 2021 legislative session gutted Proposition 120 to apply only to property tax assessment rates for multifamily housing and lodging properties

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Ethics complaints from mountain counties spur probe of state Division of Property Taxation

Eagle, La Plata and San Miguel counties are asking for an audit or investigation into a cozy relationship between a state tax official and a lawyer representing hotels in litigation with the counties


5 big tax bills Colorado lawmakers passed this year that will affect your wallet

Significant changes were made to property tax rates, tax loopholes and tax credits that will affect the wallets of people across the state

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State tax official who is required to be neutral advised luxury resort owners on how to minimize property taxes

A top official at the Division of Property Taxation met regularly with a tax agent involved in litigation with Eagle, San Miguel and La Plata counties. The state’s property tax boss says it’s “a strong working relationship with all constituents.”


This senior property tax exemption has saved Colorado’s older homeowners millions. But it also has an equity problem.

As lawmakers continue their efforts to address housing issues, the exemption that’s less available to people of color will get a hard look with an eye toward fairness


Colorado lawmakers launch last-minute effort to drive down property taxes and combat skyrocketing assessments

The measure would also allow people to put off any residential property tax payments over 4% starting in the 2023 tax year and until they sell their property


Colorado election 2020 results: President, Senate, House and ballot questions

The latest Colorado election results reported in real-time in the top races on the ballot

Election 2020

Colorado 2020 election: A quick guide to the ballot questions on abortion, wolves, taxes, sick leave and more

The 11 statewide policy questions on the 2020 election ballot carry far-reaching implications for social and fiscal future of Colorado

Election 2020

Amendment B explained: What repealing the Gallagher Amendment would mean for Colorado and your property taxes

Colorado lawmakers voted in bipartisan fashion to ask voters to remove the constitutional amendment, but didn’t offer a replacement plan

Election 2020

Amendment B puts spotlight on Gallagher’s mixed legacy of budget cuts, tax relief and inequality in Colorado

A new Colorado Sun analysis of state property tax data determined that Gallagher has exacerbated Colorado’s urban-rural divide, gashing public budgets in small communities that already struggle to afford essential services.

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Now that Colorado lawmakers have put Gallagher repeal on the ballot, will they actually be able to pass it?

Already trouble signs are emerging signaling that would-be allies lack the enthusiasm needed to sell the 2020 electorate on a difficult ballot question

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Gallagher led to $35 billion in residential property tax cuts. Now Colorado lawmakers want voters to repeal it.

A measure at the Capitol to put the question on the 2020 ballot appears fast-tracked for passage with bipartisan support

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Colorado’s $30.3 billion coronavirus-sickened state budget explained in 10 numbers

The state budget includes a $200 million IOU for unspecified legislation that will eliminate tax breaks or raise fees, leaders said

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Coronavirus may trigger the second-largest property tax cut in Colorado history, further crippling local budgets

The reductions under Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment would slash total school district revenue by an estimated $491 million. Fire districts would also be hard hit.

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Colorado cities want to embrace “gentle density” of granny flats, but they’re hitting speed bumps

Could accessory dwelling units — no matter what you call them — ease Colorado's urban housing crisis and help homeowners navigate gentrification?


A $60,000 solar project, with no money down: A Colorado program helps businesses finance renewable energy projects

29 Colorado counties have opted in to C-PACE, Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy


The Denver teacher strike is over. Now lawmakers are trying to solve Colorado’s chronic education funding problem.

One plan under discussion at the statehouse would raise an additional $451 million every year to educate students, while another would impact property taxes and change how funds are distributed.


New economic projections show smaller property tax cut. Colorado has oil and gas to thank (or blame).

The December economic forecasts also show a surplus that gives lawmakers more money to spend, but requires taxpayer refunds, too

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