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prescription drugs

prescription drugs

Federal prosecutors in Colorado, across the U.S. sue Walmart over role in opioid crisis

The Justice Department alleges Walmart violated federal law by selling thousands of prescriptions for controlled substances that its pharmacists "knew were invalid"

Colorado governor vetoes bill that sought to reduce prescription opioid abuse

Gov. Jared Polis wrote in a letter that he vetoed House Bill 1085 because of the impact it would have on health insurance premiums

Colorado’s rural pharmacies wrestle against big business to remain community cornerstones

1,230 rural pharmacies have closed since 2003, including 45 in Colorado. Some blame benefit management companies that reimburse for medications at less than they cost to buy.

Colorado’s coronavirus budget crunch is putting Democratic accomplishments at risk

The Joint Budget Committee will begin meeting next week to consider recommended spending cuts, but they still may not be enough to balance the budget

Opinion: Transparency and accountability needed in prescription drug industry

Colorado wants to let pharmacists write prescriptions for HIV prevention drugs

House Bill 1061 to make PrEP available at pharmacies without a doctor's visit is aimed at eliminating HIV infections in Colorado as prevention funding is cut and access plateaus

5 numbers that explain why Colorado lawmakers want more insight into prescription drug costs

Democrats are trying again this year to pass a bill requiring pharmaceutical companies to be more transparent about price increases and rebates

Your guide to all the ways health care may be about to change in Colorado

Health care looks to be one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- fight in the coming legislative session. How it turns out will shape how you receive and pay for medical services in the future.

Colorado may try to import prescription drugs from more countries than just Canada

The idea is one of several lawmakers are drafting, as Gov. Jared Polis’ administration signals a new campaign to fight rising pharmaceutical costs

Colorado could soon get a lot of money from opioid settlements. But where should those dollars go?

In a new Colorado Health Institute survey, experts weighed between spending money on treatment, prevention and other priorities

Opinion: Sen. Gardner, prioritize heath care of Colorado families, not special interests

Nicolais: Some sun in the dark clouds of the opioid epidemic

Government programs and healthcare innovators, including many in Colorado, have begun introducing potential solutions to combat the myriad of problems created by opioid misuse

Why it might not matter if Colorado’s attorney general doesn’t think the national opioid settlement is sufficient

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says a bankruptcy court could “cram” a Purdue settlement onto the state. He also says he is examining potential legal action against other opioid companies.

With objections from Canada and drug companies, Colorado’s plan to import prescription medicines could be in trouble

The U.S. government recently gave its support to importing cheaper drugs, but Canadian officials are pushing back and could potentially block exports

Carman: The addicts in our families deserve justice for the corporate kingpins

On the heels of Colorado effort, Trump administration to set up plan allowing prescription drugs from Canada

Colorado lawmakers passed a bill this year aiming to start a state-level Canadian imports program

Colorado expands lawsuit against opioid-maker Purdue Pharma to include its owners, the Sackler family

Attorney General Phil Weiser says the move will allow the state to use new consumer protection laws, which could mean stiffer penalties and ease the state’s burden of proof

Colorado records modest decline in drug overdose deaths — the first decline since 2012

The state recorded 349 deaths from prescription painkillers, dropping by 24 from the previous year

Denver authorities might be instructed to look the other way on magic mushrooms, but they remain illegal

The mushroom remains a federal Schedule 1 controlled substance, prohibited under state and federal law

President Trump signals support for Colorado plan to import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada

Donald Trump made the comments during a phone call this week with Gov. Jared Polis

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