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police brutality

police brutality

Denver police used excessive violence, didn’t turn on body cameras during George Floyd protests, report says

The lack of a plan fueled chaos and increased the rift between law enforcement and a traumatized community, said the report issued by Denver's Office of the Independent Monitor.

Wilson: African immigrants often blindsided by American racial hatred

Wilson: Denver police are making the case for defunding on their own

Parents of Elijah McClain sue Aurora police over his death

The 23-year-old suffered cardiac arrest, was later declared brain dead and taken off life support several days later

Jim Morrissey: Look out for the Aurora clown car

Littwin: The latest police screwup had to be Aurora, right? Sure, unless it happened somewhere else — anywhere else

We wait for a better explanation why guns would be drawn as cops approached a stolen car that wasn’t stolen, but had children in the backseat. What would have happened if guns had been fired?

Carman: Now you’ve done it. Mom is mad and you’re in big trouble.

Wilson: Kudos to Gov. Polis. Federal intervention has no place in Colorado.

Opinion: School resource officers can be a positive influence on kids

Colorado’s 2015 law changing how officer-involved shootings are reviewed still lets police agencies investigate themselves

State lawmakers and prosecutors are vowing to push for and support changes after questions from The Colorado Sun about the measure

Wilson: It’s time to shine a light on our unconscious bias against Black people

What’d I Miss?: Police academy

Colorado governor names special prosecutor to investigate death of Elijah McClain

Move by Polis comes after national attention as Aurora seeks to finalize its own secondary investigation into the incident.

Colorado governor signs sweeping police accountability bill into law. Here’s how it will change law enforcement.

Gov. Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 217 at a ceremony at the state Capitol on Friday, calling it a landmark piece of legislation that speaks to a national moment of reckoning

Hickenlooper makes case for electability as repeated controversies continue to overshadow his campaign

The former Colorado governor faced off against rival Andrew Romanoff in the final televised Democratic U.S. Senate debate

Colorado legislature sends far-reaching police accountability bill to Gov. Jared Polis

Senate Bill 217 picked up significant Republican support as it passed the Senate and House. The Colorado District Attorneys’ Council also announced it’s on board. The governor says he will sign it.

10 major issues being decided in the final hours of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session

State lawmakers have been busy in the final days of an odd, abbreviated lawmaking term. Here are the big-ticket items that you’ll want to know about.

Carotid holds would now be banned under Colorado’s police accountability bill, which is nearing passage

Thirteen amendments were passed on Wednesday night, including a requirement that prosecutors notify the public when they forward an investigation into a police-involved death to a grand jury

Littwin: It’s been a long time coming, but is change really on the way?

Polls show Americans support George Floyd protesters and agree cops need to change

3 takeaways from the first U.S. Senate debate between Democrats John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff

The rivals in Colorado’s Democratic primary will meet for two more debates in a week’s span as the race hits a crucial moment ahead of June 30 election

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