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Colorado’s plan to import prescription drugs from Canada just got a boost, thanks to Congress

Let’s say you take a daily dose of a really common medication — maybe Lipitor, at 10mg a pop. If you walk into a Denver-area pharmacy and pay out of pocket for the brand-name version, you are looking at around $1,000 for a 90-day supply, according to prices tracked at GoodRX. That comes out to […]

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To fix soaring prescription costs, Colorado lawmakers have a new plan: A board to cap drug prices

Kris Garcia, a Denver father of three and community activist, lives in fear of simple accidents. Garcia lives with four bleeding disorders, including hemophilia. Any injury could quickly result in a health emergency. But it’s not just the physical risks that worry him. Garcia uses a drug called Humate-P to control his conditions. One vial […]

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The 2020 battle to control Colorado’s state Senate is shaping up to be a big money election

The battle for control of the Colorado Senate in the 2020 election is drawing big money ahead of the November election, and the same is true with a handful of ballot measures.  The latest campaign finance reports show Republicans hold a slight edge against Democrats in terms of super PAC fundraising through the end of […]