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More contribution hikes, benefit cuts may be needed to close $4.5 billion hole in Colorado’s PERA

PERA’s board of directors on Friday voted unanimously to change key economic and demographic assumptions that underpin the pension’s already shaky finances.

Colorado’s older teachers face a crossroads: Risk coronavirus or retire?

Without statewide data on teacher retirees available, it’s hard to know whether Colorado is seeing more older teachers exit amid the pandemic.

As the financial crisis hits Colorado, PERA’s new oversight commission is sidelined

Top Colorado lawmakers said the move was intended to save $100,000 in the $30.3 billion state budget, but critics suggest it's a bad idea

Before coronavirus, PERA had one of its best years in decades. Here are 3 concerns going forward.

Colorado’s state pension system in 2019 had one its best years in decades, then the recession hit.

Colorado’s $30.3 billion coronavirus-sickened state budget explained in 10 numbers

The state budget includes a $200 million IOU for unspecified legislation that will eliminate tax breaks or raise fees, leaders said

How Colorado lawmakers closed a $3 billion shortfall to balance the budget and why it led to tears

The Joint Budget Committee finalized how to spend $11 billion in discretionary spending ahead of the legislative session’s restart

To balance budget, Colorado lawmakers add to PERA’s long-term debt and backtrack from landmark deal

The Joint Budget Committee eliminated a $225 million payment from the state to the pension in the next fiscal year

Colorado lawmakers began slashing the budget and state employees are bracing for the worst

Democratic leaders hope to avoid pay cuts, furloughs and layoffs for government employees, but it may be necessary

What PERA’s bad year means for public workers, retirees and taxpayers in Colorado, explained in charts

Most of what the government puts into the pension system is covering unfunded debt, not the retirement of current workers and teachers

Low pay. Cuts to PERA. For some state workers in Colorado, it’s like the recession never ended.

For Colorado government workers, recent pay hikes are negated by rising pension contributions, and vacant positions are becoming harder to fill

PERA lost $1.8 billion after brutal finish for 2018 stocks. Now public workers and taxpayers will pay more.

Colorado taxpayers and state employees will need to pay more as new guardrails designed to shore up the system are triggered

Get to know Brian Watson, the Republican candidate for Colorado treasurer

Brian Watson founded Northstar Commercial Partners, a commercial real estate firm in Denver that has assets across the country

Get to know Dave Young, the Democrat candidate for Colorado treasurer

State Rep. Dave Young served on the legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Committee. Before entering politics, he was a high school math and technology teacher.

PERA’s latest fix is stronger than the last one, but longer-living retirees, future downturns could still pose risk

One big assumption — the actual amount of unfunded liability — could have a $25 billion difference depending on the school of accounting thought applied.

Walker Stapleton’s PERA crusade: His warnings came true, but he missed the big moment for reform

The bottom line: Stapleton leaves behind a complicated record

Colorado’s PERA board may ditch its longtime financial adviser after $1.3 billion mistake

The error was spotted by an internal audit, triggering what the board president described as a “serious fire drill”