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Opinion: Patent waiver for COVID-19 vaccines would be a blow to safety and health innovation

For decades, the United States has maintained bipartisan opposition to pressure from the World Trade Organization to compromise patent protections covering America’s world-leading biomedical research.  The foremost priority in taking this stance has been to ensure the safety and integrity of medicines available to patients around the world. Secondarily, protecting the intellectual property of U.S. […]

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Why the head of the U.S. Patent Office is interested in artificial intelligence, false trademarks and the Western Slope

In the last five years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has hired more lawyers in the Front Range region than ever before. The Colorado hiring frenzy, of course, had everything to do with the agency opening a satellite office in Denver in 2014 as part of a move to expand outside of Washington, D.C. […]

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Amazon adds muscle to Boulder company’s years-long battle against counterfeit goods

Online retail giant Amazon on Wednesday put some shoulder into Nite Ize’s fight against counterfeit sellers of one of the Boulder company’s best-selling products. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court in Seattle, Nite Ize and Amazon are going after fakers in three countries who go by names such as Discount Always, Very Lee […]

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Colorado and the 2018-19 federal shutdown: What’s open, what’s not and what’s kind of open

More than 800,000 federal workers across the U.S. — some 52,000 of them in Colorado alone — are affected by the federal government’s partial shutdown. Not all of those employees are on furlough, though. A large number are still required to head to the office each day even if they won’t get a paycheck until […]