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The recount results are in: Tina Peters remains a loser in Colorado secretary of state’s race

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters remains a loser in the Republican primary for Colorado secretary of state.  The results of a statewide recount of the more than 623,000 votes cast in the contest last month showed Peters still losing by about 90,000 votes or 14 percentage points to former Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson. […]

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Failed Republican candidates see fundraising spikes fueled by recounts, cash in other Colorado races tightens

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters raised $519,000 for her unsuccessful campaign for secretary of state between June 23 and July 27, enabling the Republican to cover travel expenses to Las Vegas and pay cost of a recount in the primary contest she lost by nearly 90,000 votes. The vast majority of the cash, or […]

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Littwin: If you like long shots, you might like Tina Peters’ $250,000 bet on herself to win

If you’re looking for a good working definition of either having too much money or having too many friends with too much money, this should do as well as any: You are the person who has spent $255,912.33 to have Colorado’s county clerks conduct a recount of an election that you lost by 88,000 votes. […]

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Nicolais: Strong local reporters become more critical in a post-truth political world

With just over three months until the 2022 general election, fabrications, half-truths, omissions and utter lies will dominate political discussion from now until November. It is the same song, just at a different tempo. We live in a post-truth political world. Misleading characterizations have always been a part of the political world. More than two […]

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Republican primary voters in Colorado reject slate of candidates who embraced election conspiracies

Republican primary voters in Colorado had a choice Tuesday: Elevate a slate of candidates who believe the unfounded claim that President Donald Trump was the true winner of the 2020 election or pick candidates who want the GOP to move on.  For the most part, with some notable exceptions, voters selected the latter.  State Rep. […]

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Pam Anderson wins Colorado secretary of state’s primary, handily beating indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

Republican Pam Anderson handily defeated two other candidates, including indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, in Tuesday’s secretary of state primary in a major rebuke of Peters’ 2020 election denialism. The Associated Press called the race on Anderson’s behalf at about 8 p.m. At that time, Anderson had received 45% of the vote, to Peters’ […]

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Nicolais: Could Colorado GOP candidates win in November? Only if they don’t screw it up.

As the June 28th primary approaches, most eyes remain fixed on the Republican side of aisle in Colorado. After nearly a year of campaigning for some candidates, the real question is: can any win in November? The answer is yes. A qualified yes. Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, governor and Secretary of State remain locked […]

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Where the three Republican candidates vying to be Colorado’s secretary of state stand on the issues

Three Republicans are running this year to be Colorado’s next secretary of state, a position in which they would oversee the administration of elections and handle business registration. It’s a job that’s become highly politicized since the 2020 presidential election, which former Republican President Donald Trump and his supporters baselessly claim was stolen from him […]