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Closing a coal-fired power plant in Pueblo to meet Colorado climate goals is easier said than done

This much is certain: Comanche 3 ­— Xcel Energy’s $1.3 billion coal-fired power plant in Pueblo — is going to close. When and how are now issues of intense debate before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. The fate of the plant — the state’s largest single emitter of carbon dioxide — is key to Colorado […]

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From sewers to golf courses, cities like Pueblo see green with federal COVID relief dollars

By Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News Duluth, Minnesota, is hiring a social worker to help people with addiction and mental health problems. Pueblo, Colorado, started paying homeless residents to clean city streets. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida — in Palm Beach County, home to 160 golf courses — is building a new golf course. These are […]

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Pueblo flipped to Trump from Obama in 2016. How the swing county votes this year will speak volumes.

PUEBLO — Mayor Nick Gradisar climbed onto a stage in the heart of Colorado’s steel city on Saturday evening and asked his community not to take a gamble on Donald Trump as it did in 2016. “This election is our chance for redemption,” the Democrat said during a car rally hosted by former Vice President […]

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Nick Gradisar bests Steve Nawrocki to become Pueblo’s first mayor in more than 60 years

Nick Gradisar will become Pueblo’s first mayor in more than 60 years. The lawyer and longtime political fixture in the southern Colorado city had a wide lead over former Pueblo City Council President Steve Nawrocki as runoff election results rolled in Tuesday night. Nawrocki conceded shortly after 7 p.m., when the tally reached 11,858 votes […]

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Pueblo will elect its first mayor in decades today. Here’s why the city hopes the move will be a watershed moment.

PUEBLO — One of two candidates vying to become this city’s first mayor in about six decades likes to crack a joke to explain why the new role is so important. It goes like this: A spaceship lands in Pueblo and some aliens get out. “Take me to your leader,” one demands. “We wouldn’t know […]