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Las Vegas to cap size of home swimming pools to help ease pressure on Colorado River

By Ken Ritter, The Associated Press Limiting the size of new swimming pools in and around Las Vegas might save a drop in the proverbial bucket amid historic drought and climate change in the West. Officials are taking the plunge anyway, capping the size of new swimming pools at single-family residential homes to about the […]

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Water shortages in Lake Powell, Lake Mead likelier than previously thought

By Sam Metz, The Associated Press/Report for America CARSON CITY, Nev. — There’s a chance water levels in the two largest man-made reservoirs in the United States could dip to critically low levels by 2025, jeopardizing the steady flow of Colorado River water that more than 40 million people rely on in the American West. […]

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Western U.S. faces reckoning over water, but avoids cuts for now

By Sam Metz, The Associated Press/Report for America CARSON CITY, Nev. — The white rings that wrap around two massive lakes in the U.S. West are a stark reminder of how water levels are dropping and a warning that the 40 million people who rely on the Colorado River face a much drier future. Amid […]

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To understand the future of the Colorado River, look to a frowny, eel-faced fish: the humpback chub

By Judy Fahys, InsideClimate News Charismatic is hardly the best word to describe the humpback chub, a fish with a frowny eel face jammed onto a sportfish body in a way that suggests evolution has a sense of humor. Nor did tastiness build a fan base for this “trash fish” across its natural habitat throughout […]

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Trump to use “big voice” to boost GOP on 4-day Western trip that includes Colorado rally with Cory Gardner

By Zeke Miller, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he’s ready to use his “big voice” to bolster Republicans’ 2020 campaign hopes as he heads west for a four-day visit mixing policy and politics. Trump’s trip will be packed with big-dollar fundraisers, a trio of campaign rallies meant to energize […]

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Bernie Sanders sees Bloomberg as a threat in Colorado’s presidential primary — and a perfect foil

At Bernie Sanders’ rally Sunday in downtown Denver, the Democratic presidential candidate and his biggest Colorado supporters shared a consistent message as they spoke to a massive, fired-up crowd. Medicare for All. Protecting the environment. Promoting workers’ rights. And beating Michael Bloomberg.  “We are going to end a corrupt political system in which billionaires buy […]

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The plan to protect the Colorado River still isn’t done. Now what?

By Felicia Fonseca, The Associated Press FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Another federal deadline passed Monday for seven states in the U.S. West to wrap up work on a plan to ensure the drought-stricken Colorado River can deliver water to the 40 million people and farms that depend on it. The states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, […]