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minimum wage

minimum wage

New Year, new minimum wage: Colorado’s hourly rate jumps to $12.32 an hour

The increase worries businesses already reeling from pandemic restrictions, including restaurants where tipped workers will get $9.30 an hour. Others say it’s long overdue.

What’s Working: Minimum wage going to $12.32, plus how new COVID restrictions (and fraud?) has doubled unemployment

Plus: New rules for equal pay, sick days, a chart on Colorado’s top-growing industry sectors and more!

What’s Working: Colorado unemployment rate drops to 6.4%, $19 million for small businesses, plus “Lost Wages” leftovers

It’s the last day to certify for the $300 LWA, but if you’ve been stuck in the state’s unemployment system, there’s still $180 million left.

Even if you make more than minimum wage, this updated Colorado rule could affect you

After 10 months of debate and public input, the revised pay standards are adopted; increase to minimum salary threshold is delayed to 2021.

Opinion: Driving salaried employees to the burnout point doesn’t benefit anyone

Opinion: Colorado has a new political megaphone – for the rest of us

More Colorado workers will get breaks, must make $42,500 salary to be exempt from overtime under draft policy

The proposal represents a major win for Colorado labor groups, who have long been pushing for the changes -- although they didn’t get everything they wanted.

Opinion: Is Denver’s restaurant boom about to go bust?

Opinion: Overhaul wage and hour rules to protect Coloradans’ most important resource: their time

Colorado’s minimum wage rules don’t apply to farm, construction and other jobs. But that might be changing.

A decades-old rule governing minimum wage means a wide swath of low-income employees don’t qualify for overtime pay, lunch breaks

Understanding AI through Holly, the fast-food bot taking breakfast orders at Good Times

Ordering from “Holly” the bot is still a little creepy, but as humans get more comfortable with Alexa and Siri, a Denver firm is finding people, artificial intelligence and fast food do mix

For many business groups, Colorado’s 2019 legislative session has been “very difficult” to navigate

Business interests breathed a sigh of relief after the paid family leave bill was turned into a study. But an equal pay measure they are concerned about is still up in the air

“The mall is really cutthroat.” Colorado retailers are desperate for entry-level workers as Amazon (and its $15/hr minimum) moves in

“We just can’t hire at $15 an hour. That’s why we’re here all the time.”

The final governor’s race debate set the stakes for the election. Here’s three things we learned.

Republican Walker Stapleton and Democrat Jared Polis faced off on television for a final time Tuesday before Election Day.

Walker Stapleton suggests Jared Polis is a socialist ahead of Bernie Sanders’ visit. Here’s how Polis and Sanders compare on the issues.

Bernie Sanders will campaign with Jared Polis this week in Colorado. The two have a lot in common.