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Mike Weissman

Mike Weissman

Opinion: Prop. 116 would divert money from schools and health care. Why you should vote no.

Colorado legislators say that Proposition 116 would make economic hardships and disparities even worse

Colorado’s consumer protection laws are getting much tougher — and that could help with the state’s opioid lawsuit

The state’s consumer protection laws were ranked among the weakest in the U.S. by a consumer advocacy group. The legislature responded, passing an overhaul 30 years in the making that Attorney General Phil Weiser said is “a big deal"

Colorado is set to invest more in affordable housing than ever before. And it nearly spent even more.

The poor have been hit the hardest by Colorado's affordable housing shortage, but the cost crunch extends throughout the middle class and all across the state

Lawmakers take aim at disclosure loopholes in Colorado lobbying laws

The legislation addresses problems identified in a Colorado Sun analysis of the money behind influence peddling at the Capitol

Dark money and disclosure gaps are priorities for new state election chief, Democrats

Incoming Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, says “reform is what the people of Colorado want"