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Mike Foote

Mike Foote

Opinion: Proposition 113 and the national popular vote will make Colorado relevant again

Colorado’s Proposition 113 is a linchpin in national popular vote campaign but major hurdles remain

The political landscape suggests the national popular vote compact is unlikely to come to fruition and legal challenges loom large

Is the Electoral College systemic racism? Some advocates and experts think so.

Proposition 113 on the November ballot in Colorado shines a light on the nation’s electoral system at a moment of racial reckoning

Effort to give Colorado child sex assault survivors unlimited time to sue abusers is rejected

House Bill 1296, brought in the wake of a damning report on Colorado’s Catholic church, was set aside at the request of one of its prime sponsors in the hopes of bringing future legislation that will also benefit past survivors of abuse. The decision to sideline the measure drew disappointment.

Colorado’s sweeping police accountability bill now requires officers to face imminent threat before using deadly force

Another amendment added to Senate Bill 217 on Monday prohibits officers from using tear gas on protesters without warning. The measure now has bipartisan support.

Opinion: Teen vaping cannot be Colorado’s new normal. This is a preventable epidemic

Nicolais: Humane Pet Act is a long-overdue step toward compassion for dogs and cats

Championed by First Gentleman Reis, the bill would close Colorado to puppy and kitten mills

Dark money and big donors fuel the ballot battle over Proposition CC in Colorado

The 2019 election attracts millions in money from nonprofits, whose donors remain hidden despite a new state disclosure law

Krieger: From Colorado progressives, the sound of silence when it comes to Hick

Krieger: Fracking legacy dogs Hick among progressives

Colorado’s consumer protection laws are getting much tougher — and that could help with the state’s opioid lawsuit

The state’s consumer protection laws were ranked among the weakest in the U.S. by a consumer advocacy group. The legislature responded, passing an overhaul 30 years in the making that Attorney General Phil Weiser said is “a big deal"

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs national popular vote bill into law

Senate Bill 42 faced fierce pushback from Republicans at the Colorado Capitol

Without a single Republican in support, national popular vote effort moves to Colorado governor’s desk

Senate BIll 42 faced stiff opposition from the GOP as it made its way through the Colorado legislature in recent weeks, ending in hours of debate over Wednesday and Thursday

Colorado lawmakers are sparring over a plan to bypass the Electoral College. Here’s what’s at stake.

Democrats aim to make the popular vote paramount in the U.S., but Republican state lawmakers counter that Senate Bill 42 would hurt less populous states like Colorado

Proposition 112 fails, but big vote total signals oil and gas setbacks will be headed to the Colorado capitol

Industry spent $40 million fighting the measure and is reluctant to face a rematch in 2020