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Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

What’s Working: Spanish-speaking virtual agents, extra $300 weeks approved and a new small business fund

PUA claims are up because of ... fraud? Plus, the wait to get a call back from the unemployment office is now “four to eight weeks."

Here’s the nuance behind Colorado Democrats’ effort to eliminate 9 tax breaks, pump $1.6 billion into state coffers

Colorado lawmakers have used the elimination of tax breaks in prior recessions to bolster the state’s budget. But there are legal questions and unknowns around whether Gov. Jared Polis will sign off on House Bill 1420, which also gives immigrants access to a tax credit.

Colorado’s unemployment fund could run out of money next month. Here’s what that means for businesses.

Some businesses will see a 54-85% hike in insurance premiums as Colorado's jobless fund becomes insolvent

Colorado’s consumer protection laws are getting much tougher — and that could help with the state’s opioid lawsuit

The state’s consumer protection laws were ranked among the weakest in the U.S. by a consumer advocacy group. The legislature responded, passing an overhaul 30 years in the making that Attorney General Phil Weiser said is “a big deal"